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Latest 9ct Gold Price Comparison

Cash For Your Gold£9.10
H&T Pawnbrokers£7.50
Ramsdens £7.00

Price per gram of 9 carat gold

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You are more than welcome to come in and sell your gold to us in person at our premises anytime from Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.



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  • I made an appointment for a valuation at CFYG's offices in Wolverhampton. I was looked after very well by a lovely chap called Walter. The whole process was very professional, quick and totally painless. I was totally confident throughout that I was being treated fairly and the price paid was exeactly as stated on the website. I had a real mixture, including some Egyptian Gold, which they analysed on the spot and gave me a very fair price. I even had a ladies watch which they dismantled, weighed and paid me top rate for the gold. By the time I got home 30 minutes later, the money was in my bank. I have already recommended them to my family and friends. I will certainly deal with them again.
    T. M. - Stafford
  • After investigating many of the gold buying sites including those that have TV ads, I discovered many hidden extra costs. However on cfyg there are no hidden costs. I sent my gold off at 12 noon on Thursday, received a call from Walter on Friday and 20 minutes later the money was in my bank. Excellent service - everything explained in detail with humour and courtesy. I will use the service again and recommend to my friends.
    S. K. - Tadworth
  • I was a bit dubious about mailing gold but so happy I took the plunge. Sent my gold off on Tuesday, received call Wednesday to discuss adjustments etc... (i.e. clasps, gemstones) and the money was in my bank Friday. Would definitely recommend this company! Thank you so much.
    N. M. - Edinburgh
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Gold Prices Per Ounce Comparison

At Cash For Your Gold we are very proud to offer our customers great prices for gold but how do our customers check that we really do offer market leading rates?

Many of our competitors advertise ‘best prices’ and then confuse potential customers by quoting prices per Ounce, per Troy Ounce or per Gram.

Always check when you are offered a ‘per Ounce’ price. Troy Ounces are the traditional unit for the weighing of precious metals but a Troy Ounce is NOT the same as a standard Ounce:

There are 28.35 Grams in 1 Ounce.

There are 31.103 Grams in 1 Troy Ounce.

This allows unscrupulous businesses to confuse customers on price.

We only quote prices per Gram, it is simpler that way.

To convert Grams to Ounces, multiply by 0.0353

To convert Grams to Troy Ounces, multiply by 0.0322

You now have the means to cut through the often misleading information supplied by some companies and get to the facts!

Compare our prices with those of other businesses on a ‘like for like’ basis and you will see for yourself that Cash For Your Gold really do offer the best rates in the industry for your Gold and other precious metals.

We are so confident that our prices are the best that we offer a Price Comparison Table and a Price Match Guarantee!

  • Scrap Gold Calculator

    scrap gold prices
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    Purity Price
    9 - £9.10
    14 - £14.15
    18 - £18.20
    21 - £21.23
    22 - £22.24
    24 - £24.26
  • Scrap Silver Calculator

    cash for gold
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    Purity Price
    500 Ag - £0.17
    835 Ag - £0.28
    850 Ag - £0.29
    925 Ag - £0.31
    999 Ag - £0.34
  • Scrap Platinum Calculator

    sell gold
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    Purity Price
    950 Pt - £24.23
    999 Pt - £25.50
  • Scrap Palladium Calculator

    scrap silver prices
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    Purity Price
    500 Pd - £6.25
    950 Pd - £11.88
    999 Pd - £12.50