Faster Payment System (FPS)

2 Hour* Bank Transfers Now Available via Faster Payment Systems

All UK Banks and Building societies send and receive faster payments.

We can make Bank Transfers to you on the same day and you will generally have cleared funds in your bank account within 2 hours at minimal (£5) charge to our customers.

This is a major step forward by the banking industry and a great benefit for our customers who choose to take advantage of this method of payment; you will no longer have to wait 3 days for funds to credit your account.

As a result of this initiative we now recommend Bank Transfers as the preferred payment method for all our customers, this is totally secure and all we require is simply a bank account number and sort code.

Faster Payments is the first new payments service to be introduced in the UK for more than 20 years. For the very first time phone, internet and standing order payments can move within a few hours - almost at the touch of a button.

Please Click Here to confirm whether your bank account supports the Faster Payment System (FPS).

* Transfer time can vary but is always same working day, usually instant and within 2 hours for over 90% of transactions.