Weighing your precious metal items

Our calculators will give you a very good estimate of the value of your items but they rely on knowing the purity of the metal in the item and the weight of your item. Our Hallmarks Page will help you identify the type and purity of the metal but what about the weight?

Domestic digital kitchen scales will certainly give you an idea of the weight but can be inaccurate for smaller items

If you live close to a Post Office, it is possible to use the Post Office letter scales and these are generally quite accurate, even for smaller items. Put your items in an envelope and take it to the Post Office together with an identical envelope with nothing in it. Weigh both envelopes separately and the difference between the weights of the two envelopes is the weight of your items.

Even if you cannot weigh your items, don’t worry. Simply leave the weight section of the submission form blank when you send in your items. We will weigh them on very accurate Trading Standards Approved jewellery scales when we receive them.