Platinum Live Price

What is Platinum?

Platinum is a silver-white coloured precious metal identified by the symbol Pt. Approximately 80% of world production of Platinum is in South Africa. Limited production levels and industrial applications for this metal have combined to keep prices at higher levels.

To fully grasp the value of your Platinum item you need an appreciation of its purity, what hallmarks are and why they are important.

Different grades or purities of Platinum

The purest form of Platinum which is commonly found in the UK is Platinum .9995 . This is not a common purity in jewellery but is a standard for investment bullion bars, rounds and coins.

Platinum .950 is probably the most common purity for Platinum jewellery items in the UK.

In order to calculate a price for a Platinum item, the live Platinum price is applied to the weight of pure or fine Platinum in an item, rather than the overall weight of the product. For example, if the spot price of Platinum was £24 per gram, and you have a .950 Platinum ring weighing 7 grams, the item would be worth roughly £159.60. (24.00 x 7 x .950 = 159.60)

Our Platinum Price Charts allows you to see the fluctuating price of Platinum over a period of hours, days, months or years.