I was not comfortable at first sending my gold to a company that I had not heard of. Sent the package on Monday and received a phone call the next morning. The cash was in my account within 20 minutes. Great service that I will no doubt use again. Thank You.

J. H. , Cheshunt 10 years ago

Excellent service. I sent the gold 3:30pm Monday, and received a phone call 1pm on Tuesday confirming weight and price. Bank transfer was done while on the phone and money appeared in my online banking while still on the phone. I will recommend this service to family and friends and use again in the future myself. Thank You CFYG

G. P. , Manchester 10 years ago

I was pleasantly surprised at the speed things happened, from posting the gold to getting the money into my account (was less than 24hrs). Will definitely recommend to others thinking of selling gold. Thank you very much

K. W. , Redcar 10 years ago

I was very pleased with the service I received; I sent the gold on Monday at 2.30pm I received a phone on the Tuesday at 4.30pm telling me that one item of my gold was a higher carat than I thought. Fantastic service, I was a bit dubious of sending the gold before being paid for it, checked the company out on companies house web site, which told me that the company was active. CFYG offered me double what a jewellery shop in Cardiff offered me. Thank you very much.

S. C. , Cardiff 10 years ago

Excellent service. The Money was in the bank in 24 hours from posting. Definitely will be using this service again and will be recommending to all my friends. Many thanks!!!

Z. G. , Prestwick 10 years ago

This service was quick and professional the money was in my bank about 20mins after I received my email. I would strongly recommend this service. Thanks

C. C. , Kilbirnie 10 years ago

Specially delivery package arrived on Monday, I had a voice mail straight away to say it had arrived and for me to phone back for a confirmed price which I did. They confirmed weight and price which I was happy with. They performed the transaction while I was on the phone into my back account - I checked with-in 5 minutes and the payment had arrived. What a fantastic professional service - I would 100% recommend.

A. G. , Stockport 10 years ago

Fantastic service, from posting to receiving the money was less than 24 hours, very safe and secure. Will use again, highly recommended. Many thanks

D. B. , Boston 10 years ago

Fantastic service - excellent rates and instant payment using FPS - money arrived in minutes! Thank you CFYG

J. D. , Chester 10 years ago

I saw this site and had some broken gold bits and pieces gave them a call and spoke to a very friendly guy who said I could visit their offices as I was quite local. Within an hour I was there had my pieces weighed made a very good offer and within ten minutes the money was transferred into our account. I would say if you have any concerns then don’t have these guys are 100% professional reliable and trustworthy, I would use them again and am excited to refer my friends and family to them. Thank you

M. H. , Tamworth 10 years ago

Excellent, genuine staff to deal with very knowledgeable and professional a company that knows how to treat their customers with a first class service and does exactly what they say within 24 hrs thank you

C. W. , Burton on Trent 10 years ago

Took my scrap gold in person and was given a very warm and courteous welcome, my gold was weighed in my presence and payment agreed all within 15 minutes. Payment was made direct to my bank and was guaranteed to be cleared within 2 hours, on arriving back home 30 minutes later the money was already in my bank. I cannot praise the service too highly and would most certainly recommend them to my friends and family. Thank you for making it a very easy transaction.

J. M. , Wolverhampton 10 years ago

Excellent Service. Very Helpful Will Definitely Use Again

R. K. , Kent 10 years ago

Absolutely wonderful service. Prompt payment

E. P. , Douglas 10 years ago

WOW! 4th Feb posted item at 5.16pm. 5th Feb received phone call at 10.47am to confirm value, (exactly as I worked out) I accepted, MONEY IN MY BANK 10 MINS LATER!! THANK YOU

C. G. , Folkestone 10 years ago