I was really nervous about sending so much gold off to a company I've not heard of before and with such a high valuation. WOW how surprised was I to receive a phone call this morning with a valuation of £498. This service is brilliant; the money was in my account straight away. I will be using this service again! Thank you CFYG

A. I. , Cardiff 11 years ago

I was worried about using this site but did, posted on Monday 9am - got a phone call the next morning - was just as they say. 5 star service, will be using them again.

M. T. , Wellington 11 years ago

Precise service

C. G. , Hinckley 11 years ago

Very good service, I was nervous about dealing this way. I sent the gold Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday received e mail asking me to call to discuss valuation. Agreed price and money in bank immediately

C. M. , Norfolk 11 years ago

Speedy and efficient service, highly recommended. Would definitely use again

K. H. , Boston 11 years ago

I was a bit worried at first sending my gold, there is allot of problems with the internet but I had no problems here. I sent my gold off at PM and received £481 in the bank immediately after telephone call AM today. I would recommend to anyone! Thanks for a pleasant transaction and will definitely deal again.

G. T. , Weymouth 11 years ago

Excellent Service, Genuine Company. I sent my gold Special Delivery on Tuesday, they received it Wednesday, got a call Wednesday morning confirming value of gold and money was in my account within a few minutes. I would definitely recommend CFYG to anyone.

M. K. , Sunderland 11 years ago

I Posted parcel at 10am Monday money in the bank at 10am Tuesday. I would use this company again.

C. P. , Sleaford Lincs 11 years ago

I tested the company with a small amount of gold and within 24 hrs from posting; the money was in my bank. I'm impressed with service and the nice gentleman who phoned. I will now send the other 40g. I am someone who is very weary of internet sites but highly recommend this one as 100% genuine.

S. B. , Plymouth 11 years ago

An Excellent, fast and friendly service. A very acceptable price, phoned to me within 24 hrs. And the cash was immediately in my Bank Account. Will recommend to everyone and use again.

N. B. , Brough 11 years ago

Second to none service, highly recommended.

S. M. , Leicester 11 years ago

I sent my item 4.26pm on 23/2/09 and it was in my account by lunchtime on 24/2/09. I would recommend to anyone as really fair with prices etc, better than other companies I have gone with.

J. C. , Glasgow 11 years ago

So happy with this service sure to use again quick and friendly

P. S. , Suffolk 11 years ago

Wonderful polite man fast transaction will use again or recommend

J. C. , Newtown 11 years ago

Excellent! Sent Thursday at 5pm and by 1pm on Friday the money was in my account. They phoned with a price which I was very happy with. Will definitely recommend and use again.

K. O. , Corby 11 years ago