I agree with everyone else that has left feedback. True to their every word as in money in bank the same day they received the items. No hidden small print. Thank you CFYG for your excellent customer service. I can't recommend them enough and will certainly use them again!

D. C. , South Shields 11 years ago

Absolutely superb service. I was recommended by a friend and now I understand why!

M. C. , South Yorkshire 11 years ago

Great service, very quick and fair. Have recommended it to my brother

A. B. , Hastings 11 years ago

Absolutely delighted to deal with you again and again. CFYG have provided a very efficient, friendly and reliable service with immediate action from receipt of my gold to transferring funds within record time! Top class service, easy to understand and certainly best prices offered. Thank you for a fantastic service, from a returning customer with 110% satisfaction every time.

K. V. , Hertfordshire 11 years ago

I was cautious at first but thought, "What have I got to lose?" I'm glad I did send it off because within 48 hours I had a very pleasant telephone call from a gentleman who was more than happy to explain everything to me and answer any questions that I threw at him. I cannot recommend this Company enough!

C. D. , Cwmbran 11 years ago

WOW! Fantastic, 5 star service! Have already recommended to family and friends.

S. D. , Surrey 11 years ago

If you want to trade in gold, do it here. No rip offs, awesome service. Posted my bracelet Thursday morning 9am, cash was in my account for 12 noon Friday, no hidden charges. Professional to the letter. A great service.

G. R. , Cowdenbeath 11 years ago

Very efficient service, I posted my gold at 3pm and the money was in my account by 9:30am the next day before I had got up! Fully recommended.

L. C. , Holyhead 11 years ago

Sent gold Thursday evening and had money in back Friday afternoon. Very happy with the value.

K. P. , Plymouth 11 years ago

I sent my gold on Friday afternoon, received phone call 10am Saturday - funds were transferred to my account whilst on the telephone. Very fair transaction, full explanation given by very polite gentleman with regard to minor deduction for difference in weight and metal springs on earring fasteners. Will definitely use again and recommend to friends.

A. L. , Hull 11 years ago

I would highly recommend this service, I sent my gold and within 24 hours the cash was in my account.

S. H. , East Kilbride 11 years ago

Excellent service. Sent my gold by special delivery and the next day I received a phone call to discuss the transaction and the cash was sent to my bank within minutes. Would certainly use again. Fabulous.

A. G. , Oldham 11 years ago

1st class service, I can highly recommend these guys, will use their service again.

E. H. , Ayrshire 11 years ago

Sent gold in Wednesday morning, had my offer on Thursday morning. The cash was in my account in minutes and everything was explained, great service. If you have scrap gold lying about, this is the place to go!

K. D. , Newbridge 11 years ago

Excellent service. A quick phone call from CFYG to confirm receipt and price and the money was in my bank within a couple of minutes.

J. F. , Guildford 11 years ago