Rang first to ask how the system works and what I would get for my gold and silver. I received exactly that and am very satisfied. Very reliable company, will use again.

J. M. , Edinburgh 9 years ago

Did not know if my item was platinum or not. But I trust these guys after sending in before. It was platinum. Great service.

J. M. , York 9 years ago

Very fast service from this company.Money was in my bank account within two hours of being given the valuation.

M. B. , Cardiff 9 years ago

What a great service. I would recommend this company anyday.

G. T. , Burnley 9 years ago

Didn,t know what carats,weight I had but I sent it all in after talking to a man in the office. I got nearly twice as much as a local jeweller told me. Thanks Cfyg.

Y. T. , London 9 years ago

Best rates on the net. Quick payment. Well done.

J. S. , Newcastle 9 years ago

Being local I booked an appointment. Was treated with great respect and everthing was explained to me. It was my nest egg so I needed the best price, which I feel I got. James was a very honest and likeable young man. It was a pleasure doing business with Group International Cashforyourgold. B.P.M.

B. M. , Stafford 9 years ago

Thanks Matt for honouring your quote.Too many people rip you off on the net these days. Don,t be afraid to talk to these guys. Great company.

C. W. , Gloucester 9 years ago

I have to say what a great service, very fast. Got my money in the bank in perfect time for Xmas. Thanks CFYG

B. M. , Plymouth 9 years ago

So simple, post your gold in and they ring you the next day with the valuation. Great service.

A. H. , Sittingbourne 10 years ago

Very fast service. Sent my gold on Monday and money was in my account Tuesday morning. Great.

W. H. , Lincoln 10 years ago

I talked to Matt about my gold and silver before I sent it in. He reassured me about it being safe and the price I would get. Within a few pounds I got what I was expecting. So happy, thanks CFYG

F. S. , Hull 10 years ago

Sending my gold to an Internet company was something I did not want to do. But you cannot get a fair deal at the jewellers. I`m glad I did, got a third more than locally. I will use CFYG again.

A. S. , Glasgow 10 years ago

As usual CFYG gave me a good deal. Keep it up.

W. L. , Edinburgh 10 years ago

Its a long way to go to Wolverhampton so after talking to James I posted in my gold. I got a call from Walter the next day and the money was in my account within two hours. What`s more important is that the money I received was around the valuation I was given. BM

B. M. , London 10 years ago