Worried about sending through the post so I booked an appointment and drove to Wolverhampton. Service was very professional and the valuation was explained to me. Money was in my bank account before I left. Great service, would recommend to anyone.

W. J. , Liverpool 9 years ago

Rang first to ask how the system works and what I would get for my gold and silver. I received exactly that and am very satisfied. Very reliable company, will use again.

J. M. , Edinburgh 9 years ago

Did not know if my item was platinum or not. But I trust these guys after sending in before. It was platinum. Great service.

J. M. , York 9 years ago

Very fast service from this company.Money was in my bank account within two hours of being given the valuation.

M. B. , Cardiff 9 years ago

What a great service. I would recommend this company anyday.

G. T. , Burnley 9 years ago

Didn,t know what carats,weight I had but I sent it all in after talking to a man in the office. I got nearly twice as much as a local jeweller told me. Thanks Cfyg.

Y. T. , London 10 years ago

Best rates on the net. Quick payment. Well done.

J. S. , Newcastle 10 years ago

Being local I booked an appointment. Was treated with great respect and everthing was explained to me. It was my nest egg so I needed the best price, which I feel I got. James was a very honest and likeable young man. It was a pleasure doing business with Group International Cashforyourgold. B.P.M.

B. M. , Stafford 10 years ago

Thanks Matt for honouring your quote.Too many people rip you off on the net these days. Don,t be afraid to talk to these guys. Great company.

C. W. , Gloucester 10 years ago

I have to say what a great service, very fast. Got my money in the bank in perfect time for Xmas. Thanks CFYG

B. M. , Plymouth 10 years ago

So simple, post your gold in and they ring you the next day with the valuation. Great service.

A. H. , Sittingbourne 10 years ago

Very fast service. Sent my gold on Monday and money was in my account Tuesday morning. Great.

W. H. , Lincoln 10 years ago

I talked to Matt about my gold and silver before I sent it in. He reassured me about it being safe and the price I would get. Within a few pounds I got what I was expecting. So happy, thanks CFYG

F. S. , Hull 10 years ago

Sending my gold to an Internet company was something I did not want to do. But you cannot get a fair deal at the jewellers. I`m glad I did, got a third more than locally. I will use CFYG again.

A. S. , Glasgow 10 years ago

As usual CFYG gave me a good deal. Keep it up.

W. L. , Edinburgh 10 years ago