I was rather nervous about posting off my gold but I had no reason to be, I posted it off on the Monday at 13.00 by special delivery and at 9.00 the next morning I had a phone call with an offer which was a couple of pounds more than what the online calculater had estimated, I accepted the offer and the money was in my account within 3 hours, you can`t ask more than that, a brilliant service. I had taken my gold the week before to a shop and they offered me £140 less than Cashforyourgold so I am more than happy and will use again.

A. W. , Swansea 9 years ago

Thanks received everything. This is the second time I used your company and would recommend.

A. M. , England 9 years ago

Great service,very friendly and fast! Paid the most for the gold I had and only took 24hrs for the money to be in my account from when I posted the gold. I would recommend this company to friends.

I. D. , Scotland 9 years ago

What an excellent service! Very quick,very honest,very polite and considerate. Better price than anywhere else too.Used them twice and I am very pleased. Recommended!!

D. A. , East Sussex 9 years ago

Trust me these guys pay the best prices. I know this because I have checked everywhere. I use them quite a bit and will only use them in the future, they are such nice people to do business with.

E. O. , Stevenage 9 years ago

The staff at CFYG made me feel really welcome when I went to their premises and this put my mind and rest as I am normally a bit of a worrier and always expect the worst. Being paid in cash was also a bonus!

B. N. , Chelmsford 9 years ago

Simply the best rates I could find on the net. Previously I sent my stuff to local jeweller and when he offered me a laughable amount for my gold I took it away and sent it to CFYG instead. So glad I did this because I received more than double from I would have got from the jeweller.

D. G. , Liverpool 9 years ago

I made an appointment to come and see these guys because I was unsure whether to send my items through the post. There were no problems at all and the money was in my bank before I got home.

N. P. , Dagenham 9 years ago

A great service provided CashForYourGold who offered me a lot more than I expected for my gold.

E. M. , Gloucester 9 years ago

WOW less than 24 hours after I posted my gold, my money is in the bank. That's what I call fantastic, I now have my holiday spends. Thank you so much.

S. C. , Colwyn Bay 9 years ago

Just wanted to say what a fantastic and professional experience I have had from CFYG. I sent off some scrap rings and got a call from Walter less than 24 hours later. The money was in my bank account within one hour. I would highly recommend this company to my friends.

D. R. , Northern Ireland 9 years ago

Was sceptical about sending my gold through the post but had nothing to worry about. Posted my item Saturday by special delivery and received a phone call Monday at 8.30am, money in bank by 3pm same day. Great service and price!

L. H. , Shropshire 9 years ago

A complete pleasure to deal with. So polite and pleasant. This is how customer service should be done!

R. F. , Cambridge 10 years ago

Fantastic service and price - very professional & quick service! I just sent my gold by insured special delivery with royal mail, you can get extra insurance if you have expensive pieces. Next day I got a phone call from the company informing the total money for my gold. Money in the bank account that same day - great service, very happy!

A. S. , N. Ireland 10 years ago

Here`s something you don`t see every day. When I sent in my gold I put an extra item in and forgot to change the weight on my form. Early the next morning I had a call asking if I had sent something by mistake as the weight was over what I had said. All this was before they had tested the gold. Just proves to me how honestly this firm works. Great service, keep it up.

D. M. , Liverpool 10 years ago