So pleased with the speed in which these guys operate. I deal in gold myself and the quick bank transfer means I have the funds straight away to go out and buy again. Perfect my little business.

W. C. , Dublin 8 years ago

Normally I am the 1st to complain but on this occasion I am the 1st to congratulate this firm for it's promptness in dealing with my item. Within 24hrs I had been contacted by phone to confirm the amount I was to receive and this was in my bank a couple of hours later - well done.

S. P. , Warwick 8 years ago

Could not believe the speed at which these guys operate, unbelievable

D. C. , Wigan 8 years ago

When I received my quote from CFYG I could not believe that it was £325 higher than when I sent it to a gold pack company. It makes you wonder as to what these gold pack companies are actually up to!

B. R. , Gloucester 8 years ago

If you want a fair deal for your gold and silver, send it to Cashforyourgold you will not be disappointed.

D. K. , Plymouth 8 years ago

The speed at which this company operates is unbelievable. Sent my gold on Tuesday and by 11.00am Wednesday the money was in my account. Good price too.

F. L. , London 8 years ago

I was still worried about sending my gold even though I had spoken to the staff at Cashforyourgold before I sent in. True to their word they paid what they said they would and the money was in my account before I knew it. I am so relieved, thanks to everybody.

S. S. , Lincoln 8 years ago

Popped into their office in Wolverhampton as I had too much to send. Dealt with quickly, honestly and fairly. Had cash although there was a small charge. So easy and effortless it was untrue.

R. P. , Birmingham 8 years ago

Great service, very friendly and fast! Paid the most for the gold I had and only took 24 hours for the money to be in my account from when I posted the gold. I would recommend this company to friends.

I. D. , Scotland 8 years ago

Thanks received everything. This is the second time I used your company and would recommend.

A. M. , England 8 years ago

I was rather nervous about posting off my gold but I had no reason to be, I posted it off on the Monday at 13.00 by special delivery and at 9.00 the next morning I had a phone call with an offer which was a couple of pounds more than what the online calculator had estimated, I accepted the offer and the money was in my account within 3hrs, you can't ask more than that, a brilliant service. I had taken my gold the week before to a shop and they offered my £140 less than Cash For Your Gold so I am more than happy and will use again.

A. W. , Swansea 8 years ago

Very good service that I would recommend to family and friends

J. K. , Liverpool 8 years ago

Would not hesitate to use this service again. Top notch

S. A. , Telford 8 years ago

I am a small trader with a little shop and I normally use a company based in the Jewellery Quarter but since discovering CFYG I think I shall be sticking with these guys!

W. E. , Luton 8 years ago

Sent my gold in to them on Monday morning and by Tuesday lunch time the money was in my account

W. S. , Southampton 8 years ago