Sell Your Scrap Gold for Cash This Summer

Who doesn’t like a bit of extra cash going into the summer hols? If you have any scrap gold lying around, gathering dust, it might just be the perfect solution to trade it in for some quick cash this year. Got a golden trophy sitting on the shelf? Don’t let it sit idle – it could be worth a great deal more than you think.

Cash for Your Gold could help make you a tidy profit on unwanted scrap gold – get real value for money on unwanted jewellery, a golden watch or even just some gold dental fillings. Cash for Your Gold always provides respectable prices for scrap gold.

Value for your scrap

Using the London Gold Fix as a guide to valuing scrap gold means you can be sure you’re getting the real deal, when you sell your scrap gold to us. Cash for Your Gold offers as much as £11.49 for just one gram of gold with 9-carat purity.

The higher the carat (or purity), the greater the sum you can expect to make when you sell to us today. If you’re unsure about how much your gold scrap might be worth, try out our Value My Scrap calculator for free and receive rapid estimates for how much your scrap gold may fetch. All you need to provide is an approximate weight and the scrap gold’s carat.

Scrap gold, no matter the shape or size

Size is no obstacle when selling your scrap gold with Cash for Your Gold. Whether it be a family heirloom, a gold coin, a golden locket and chain, golden earrings, a ring, a necklace or dental fillings, we’ll be happy to take a look at it. 

It doesn’t have to be just gold either – Cash for Your Gold also accepts scrap silver and palladium items too. If you have items like silver cutlery lying around, you could make a nice little bit of cash there. Why let it remain unused when it could help free up some much-needed cash for a summer holiday?

When you feel ready to sell, don’t forget to fill in our short description form – we don’t ask more than the necessary information, and we make sure it is completely secure and encrypted for the short time that it’s with us.

Reliable and efficient

Cash for Your Gold is dedicated to ensuring the best customer service at all times. We have helped in the sale of scrap gold and other precious metals with our customers for many years. If you feel like giving some feedback about your experience, leave a comment on our testimonials page – we’d love to know how you rate our services.

Contact us today

If you fancy getting in touch with us, to discuss plans to sell scrap gold, feel free to get in touch. You can reach us by mail, email and by phone – check out our contact page.

Alternatively, if you happen to be based in or around Wolverhampton, you’re welcome to come along to our HQ. Just make sure to book an appointment before you visit.  We look forward to helping with any enquiries.