Farewell to Golden Heirlooms As Price Remains High

Summary: The stellar performance of gold prices in 2019 has prompted families with large holdings of gold in the form of heirlooms to sell scrap gold. If you’re from a family with a deep-seated connection to gold, this year’s price rally will have come as something of a golden ticket for you. It’s quite common for the average family to have some gold items, passed down from generation to generation. Now might be the perfect time to realise the true value of these prized possessions, if you wish to sell scrap gold.

Having a treasure trove of golden family heirlooms comes at a price, however. This summer, police went public with a warning to members of the South Asian community with particularly large holdings of gold, as they had noted a rise in the number of thefts of gold among families of South Asian descent particularly.

A BBC investigation went even further, suggesting that the Metropolitan Police had recorded 3,300 incidents of gold theft since 2013 in particular communities. Families of South Asian descent are particularly vulnerable to gold thefts, as the wedding season proves to be a popular time to buy gold to ensure good fortune.

Heirlooms as scrap

It’s no surprise that there is an increasing amount of attention surrounding golden family heirlooms. The price of gold hit an all-time high earlier this summer, at over £1,277 per troy ounce, before settling at £1,157 as of late October.

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Will my Scrap Sell?

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