Platinum and Palladium Offer Extra Value

Nothing can quite beat the shine of gold or silver for understandable reasons, but with only so much of both metals to go around, it’s easy to see why it’s worth looking into the other precious metals. Platinum and palladium have shown increased interest from both buyers and sellers, so it pays to see what you might have in this regard, and see what items might be worth. 

Alternatives to gold and silver 

Platinum and palladium might not be so familiar to most, but they are still highly regarded precious metals, certainly on the precious metals market. Both metals have their uses in technology, as part of catalytic converters, electrode components as well as forms of jewellery. 

Wedding bands are some of the most popular uses for palladium and platinum when used for jewellery. Otherwise, their use in catalytic converters uses up much of the world’s supplies, and this industrial usage goes some of the way towards explaining how the prices for these respective metals are impressively high. At Cash for Your Gold, we can offer up free, almost-instant valuations. 

Using our platinum and palladium scrap calculators, you can get an estimate for the price you could get for a respective item. For example, one gram of 950-carat platinum could yield a value of £17.71, while palladium items weighing a single gram with a purity of .999 could garner a price of £45.42 at current rates. 

Devil in the detail 

To the naked eye, platinum and palladium scrap items might look identical, but we know better. For example, palladium wedding bands exude a silver-white shine but are actually subtly darker than platinum ones, and slightly more durable as well. Believe it or not, but while gold is rare in itself, palladium is even rarer, by 30 times. 

Platinum is 15 times rarer than gold by comparison, suggesting that both these metals can be useful alternatives for scrapping if you’re looking for ways to sell jewellery for the right price. It might be easy to find an old ring and assume it’s white gold, but it could actually be either palladium or platinum, meaning it could be worth a whole lot more if you sell to Cash for Your Gold today. 

We’re experts in facilitating sales of such precious metals, as it’s something we’ve been helping with for years. If you wish to make a sale today, make sure to fill in this easy-to-use Seller’s Form. Prices for palladium are especially attractive for selling in the current climate, as they remain twice as high as they were as recently as 2018. 

If you are keen to make a sale at some future point, but need some more information about selling platinum or palladium, get in touch with Cash for Your Gold by calling 01902 623 253 today.