Cash in on the Christmas Gold Rush

The waiting is over, and the general election results are in – a Conservative majority of 80 seats, the largest majority the party has won since 1987. Markets have responded, with the pound rising, causing gold to drift lower somewhat. 

Despite this, gold prices remain elevated compared to levels seen this time last year, offering anyone with a bit of scrap gold the perfect opportunity to make some handsome gains, just in time for Christmas. It might make sense to make the most of high prices while they last, to give you a nice boost, going into year’s end. 

Easy Christmas cash boost 

At Cash for Your Gold, we’ve been tracking the performance of gold prices, through the ups and downs of the election campaign, and have seen how prices have settled at a level close to £1,134 per troy ounce. While it’s not the £1,275 per troy ounce that we saw back in September, gold continues to show great value, especially for those who might be thinking of selling. 

While prices have drifted lower, they haven’t fallen completely into bear market territory. This means if you’ve come to acquire an item you believe to be made of gold, it will still be worth much more than it was last Christmas. An item weighing as little as a gram with 9-carat purity could still be worth as much as £13.25, at the latest prices. 

Imagine what you could do, if you had that much-needed cash-boost this Christmas, after selling some old jewellery or gold coins. We accept gold scrap items both large and small. 

Check the hallmark if in doubt 

When considering selling scrap gold items, it’s always important to check what the hallmark might say. That’s because precious metals bought and sold in the UK require a hallmark, to indicate that the item has been proven to have been independently assessed for purity. 

Items originating outside the UK might lack a hallmark, so don’t worry if you can’t find one. Cash for Your Gold happily accepts items for testing without hallmarks, to help you work out how pure your item may be. 

Purer gold items can have a high hallmark of as much as 999.99 purity, but this is unlikely to be something you spot in an item you just have lying around. The hallmark is a good way of ensuring that you can identify what you’ve got, and can even help you calculate its worth. 

Our Scrap Gold Calculator can give you an almost-instantaneous reading of your item’s potential value – all you need to know is the purity and the weight of the item, and the calculator will do the rest. This means you can roughly estimate what you can expect to make from a gold scrap sale, before having to send a single item to us by post. 

If you’re curious about selling gold, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to answer any queries you may have. 

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy 2020! 

Festive Season 2019 Opening Hours & Posting Details

Seasons Greetings To All Our Customers

The Cash For Your Gold office will be closed for the festive period from 4:30pm on Friday 20th December 2019 to 9am on Friday 3rd January 2020. Our valuations team will not be available to take calls, answer emails or to accept appointments during this period.

We advise customers not to send parcels to us during this period as we will not be receiving mail until our return.

To ensure we receive your parcels before we close for Christmas*, customers will need to send via Royal Mail Insured Special Delivery before Thursday 19th December 2019.

Please note that there may be a couple of days backlog on our return and we will do our best to test and value any parcels received on our return as quick as possible. Please bear with us whilst we get things back to normal.

Cash For Your Gold would like to thank our customers for their business this year and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

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*Delivery is dependant on Royal Mail’s ability to deliver parcels in their agreed time frame. We are not responsible for Royal Mail’s service and cannot guarantee delivery times during the festive period.