Gold – Rare, Unreactive and Recyclable

Gold has a history almost as old as the universe itself. Since the dawn of human civilisation, people have been obsessed with gold’s durability and seemingly never-ending shine. Gold has the speciality of being one of the least reactive noble elements.

This means it barely oxidises as other metals do over time, and it is also impervious to many corrosive substances, so it is difficult to alter its shape unless you melt it down at high temperatures.

Gold also happens to be one of the rarest precious metals on Earth, and this goes some way towards explaining its consistently high value over the centuries. Read on, to find out from Cash for Your Gold to see what makes gold really shine, if you’re considering selling scrap gold today.

A blast from the past

It’s not an exaggeration to say that gold is something of a blast from the past. Scientists believe gold originates from the explosions of stars which had entered the supernova phase, billions of years ago. Gold could quite possibly predate the existence of Earth itself.

The explosion of stars billions of years ago led to a torrent of space debris being flung in all directions. Some of this debris remains among the cosmos, but some of it ended up being absorbed into the Earth’s surface when it was barely formed.

So the next time you dig out any piece of scrap gold, whether it’s an old ring, a chain or even a gold coin, just think: this shiny piece of gold used to be at the heart of a star, and it’s still here for you to reach out and touch, even after all this time.

How rare is gold?

It is said that all the gold ever mined from the Earth’s crust, once melted down, could be shaped into a cube which would easily fit beneath the Eiffel Tower. Imagine that – every bar of gold, every coin and every single fragment of gold you’ve ever seen, all fitting into an area you could stroll across in a matter of moments.

Gold’s rarity is one of the great reasons why generations have given it such great value. But did you know gold doesn’t have to be just some static lump of metal, gathering dust in a vault? Between 2005 and 2010, it was estimated that as much as 35 per cent of gold in circulation on the markets was sourced from recycled gold.

As well as being at the heart of an exploding star, your scrap gold could have been all sorts of shapes and sizes, before you found it.

Selling with Cash for Your Gold

We’ve been helping people sell their scrap gold for many years now, so we’re something of a specialist in this field. Have some rose or white gold? Why not come to us and see how much you could sell it for?

Check out how much your scrap gold item could be worth, using our trusty Gold Scrap Calculator. The price of gold on the open market has been hitting new all-time highs this year, so it makes sense to time your sale, to ensure you make transfers when the price is right for you.

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