Scrap Gold in 2022: Swapping and Selling 

Among many British Asian families, gold is often bought or passed down from older family members to the younger generation as a wedding gift, signifying good fortune in the years to come. Sadly, possessing such ornate jewellery makes families the targets of theft by organised crime groups. 

Golden roots 

Gold prices are elevated in early 2022, meaning any gold in your possession is worth considerably more than it was for most of human history. However, with high prices comes greater risk of theft, as organised crime groups have been targeting communities with a particularly large amount of gold in their households. British Asian families are on the receiving end of many such burglaries and robberies, and it was estimated that Asian gold thefts had cost more than £140 million between 2013-19. 

Such losses are upsetting not just in terms of the monetary value lost but the irreplaceable sentimental value families place in golden heirlooms. One issue that comes with holding such items is that they are often produced by artisans on the Indian subcontinent with no forms of hallmarks, making it hard to trace the point of origin. Not only that, but it can be tricky to work out its purity with the naked eye. Fortunately, here at Cash for Your Gold, we use a process called gold assaying to determine purity using the latest in X-ray technology. 

Devices called X-RF machines can produce X-rays which when used on gold items produce forms of light corresponding to the molecular make-up of the item itself. As a result, we have the means to accurately tell you how pure your gold truly is. For example, we may find your item is closer to 21 carat, while items sourced from East Asia could be of higher purity, depending on the sources. With this process complete, we can give you an offer, allowing you to make the most of the high gold prices at present. 

Keeping gold in the family 

While selling the family gold could be easy for some, others might find it impossible to part with tradition. With this in mind, it might still be possible to sell your family gold and simply swap it in favour of modern bullion bars. This comes with a range of benefits: bullion bars are of a high purity, with clear serial numbers and purity markings. Not only that, but they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and can be stored in a secure way, allowing you to minimize the risk of theft in the future, while keeping gold in the family. 

Such items have tremendous value in sentimental terms, as gold is viewed as an auspicious metal in many cultures. By swapping old jewellery for bullion bars, traditions can be maintained, but with a purer gold item that can be kept safely and passed down for many more years to come. 

If you wish to learn more about selling scrap gold or selling and swapping old gold heirlooms for bullion, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Cash for Your Gold today. 

Glad Tidings for Selling Gold in 2021

With prices in the shops remaining higher than last year, and now the emergence of the Omicron COVID variant, you might be looking for reasons to be cheerful this Christmas. High gold prices could be the silver (or gold) lining in this situation, making the festive season an ideal time to sell gold. 

Reasons for cheer 

After months of social distancing, mask-wearing and seeing inflation eat into incomes, it’s easy to think Christmas 2021 will have few reasons for us to be cheerful. However, if you happen to have a bit of gold tucked away, it could be a truly golden opportunity, especially if you’re thinking of selling it today. That’s because gold prices are close to all-time highs set in the summer of 2020. Since the first news about COVID-19 broke in late 2019, gold has gained 20 per cent in value. 

Since 2015, prices have doubled, meaning any gold you may possess will have been revalued to the upside in a dramatic fashion. After a rough few years owing to the pandemic, you might find it tricky to find anything that will have gained as much value over these years which compares to gold’s performance. Prices are attractive for selling opportunities, as a troy ounce can offer a price of almost £1,350 as of December 2021. 

Cash for Your Gold has a gold scrap calculator, allowing for near-instant valuations of gold items. All you need to know is the weight and purity, and then you can feed it into the calculator. As of December 2021, just one gram of 9-carat gold could sell for £15.52, so all you have to do is imagine what a heavier item with a greater purity could be worth. 

Selling at Christmas 

By selling with Cash for Your Gold, you’ll be choosing a buyer which has been operating in the gold markets for many years, with plenty of experience to help you with your enquiry. If you wish to ensure a swift sale of scrap gold by year’s end, do make sure to get in touch with us, as our offices will be closed for the Christmas and New Year’s holiday. Please remember to fill our Seller’s Form, when you are ready to make a sale. 

Gold comes in all shapes and sizes, but also in terms of purity. For example, we happily accept white and rose gold, both gold alloys, which still hold high value when it becomes time to sell. If you wish to avoid the long queues in the Post Office when dispatching your item, we suggest taking advantage of the Royal Mail’s collection service when mailing your item to Cash for Your Gold. 

As COVID-19 cases remain high, mailing your item from the safety of your home minimises the risk of infection and offers a more convenient way to sell to us ahead of the festive holidays. For more information about selling with us, don’t hesitate to contact us today. 

Gold Coins Remain Popular in Bullion Markets

The age of using gold coins as a form of currency might sound like a story from an old book, but it was a lived reality only a few generations ago. Gold coins are a remarkably easy way of putting wealth into gold and while you rarely see them used for spending purposes, demand for them remains high on the open markets. 

Sovereigns as top coins 

Gold Sovereigns from the reign of Queen Victoria typically weigh 7.98 grams, and are divided into three distinctive chapters of her life: the Young Head portrait, which was in use until 1887; the Jubilee Head portrait commemorating her Golden Jubilee from 1887 onwards; and the Old Head or Veiled head, from 1893 until her death in 1901. The coins currently attract a price for their gold content in the region of £300.. 

One of the most popular coins to consider, if you wish to sell gold and you have any in your possession is Gold Sovereigns. Many of these have been minted over the last 150 years or more, most of which are likely to bear the portrait of Queen Victoria. Her reign, which lasted over 60 years, means there are a wealth of these coins offering a tangible record of this period in British History. 

If you ever have a gold item and need a quick and easy way to get a valuation, Cash for Your Gold has a free-to-use Gold Scrap Calculator. This allows you to get a simple price for what your coin could be worth; all you need to calculate this is an idea about the coin’s purity and its weight. 

Gold Britannias are another popular gold coin minted in the UK, depicting Britannia herself, holding a trident and shield. This iconic gold coin is often found in a variety of weights, from tenth of an ounce to full troy ounce coins, which can attract a price roughly close to the spot price of gold per troy ounce (£1,300 per troy ounce as of September 2021). 

Other coins to consider 

Gold Sovereigns and Britannias aren’t the only coins popular with gold coin enthusiasts which you can sell for a respectable price. South Africa has been minting coins known as Krugerrands since 1967, as a means for individuals to store their wealth privately in gold. These coins were notoriously hard to come by during the 1970s and 1980s, as this was at the height of the apartheid era, when countries actively blocked the import of such items from South Africa as a form of boycott. 

As with Britannias, Krugerrands are often minted as single-troy-ounce coins, but buyers often happily look for the smaller-weight varieties of such gold coins, as they offer an easy jump-on point for entering the bullion market. No matter how big or small your gold coin may be, it is highly likely to attract a good selling price, but you just need to find the right people to sell to. 

Cash for Your Gold is here to help facilitate such sales of gold coins. We have extensive knowledge of such items, offering valuations and consultations to help ascertain what your item could be worth.  

If you have a gold coin you wish to sell but need this expert opinion, don’t hesitate to call us on 01902 623 253. 

Platinum and Palladium Offer Extra Value

Nothing can quite beat the shine of gold or silver for understandable reasons, but with only so much of both metals to go around, it’s easy to see why it’s worth looking into the other precious metals. Platinum and palladium have shown increased interest from both buyers and sellers, so it pays to see what you might have in this regard, and see what items might be worth. 

Alternatives to gold and silver 

Platinum and palladium might not be so familiar to most, but they are still highly regarded precious metals, certainly on the precious metals market. Both metals have their uses in technology, as part of catalytic converters, electrode components as well as forms of jewellery. 

Wedding bands are some of the most popular uses for palladium and platinum when used for jewellery. Otherwise, their use in catalytic converters uses up much of the world’s supplies, and this industrial usage goes some of the way towards explaining how the prices for these respective metals are impressively high. At Cash for Your Gold, we can offer up free, almost-instant valuations. 

Using our platinum and palladium scrap calculators, you can get an estimate for the price you could get for a respective item. For example, one gram of 950-carat platinum could yield a value of £17.71, while palladium items weighing a single gram with a purity of .999 could garner a price of £45.42 at current rates. 

Devil in the detail 

To the naked eye, platinum and palladium scrap items might look identical, but we know better. For example, palladium wedding bands exude a silver-white shine but are actually subtly darker than platinum ones, and slightly more durable as well. Believe it or not, but while gold is rare in itself, palladium is even rarer, by 30 times. 

Platinum is 15 times rarer than gold by comparison, suggesting that both these metals can be useful alternatives for scrapping if you’re looking for ways to sell jewellery for the right price. It might be easy to find an old ring and assume it’s white gold, but it could actually be either palladium or platinum, meaning it could be worth a whole lot more if you sell to Cash for Your Gold today. 

We’re experts in facilitating sales of such precious metals, as it’s something we’ve been helping with for years. If you wish to make a sale today, make sure to fill in this easy-to-use Seller’s Form. Prices for palladium are especially attractive for selling in the current climate, as they remain twice as high as they were as recently as 2018. 

If you are keen to make a sale at some future point, but need some more information about selling platinum or palladium, get in touch with Cash for Your Gold by calling 01902 623 253 today. 

All That Glitters Might Not Be Gold

If there’s one thing we know at Cash for Your Gold, it’s certainly a seller’s market. The price of gold is near an all-time high set last summer, and silver has enjoyed a recent spike of its own, thanks to unexpected interest through a Reddit forum.

But an increasing number of sellers are keen to know whether they have the genuine article. How can you prove your item is actual gold or silver? Fortunately, we know just what to look out for, so you don’t get short-changed in the future.

Electroplating tricks the seller

An electrochemical process called electroplating has deceived many of you, who bought what you believed to be genuine gold or silver, when in actual fact, it’s simply copper encased in a thin shell of gold or silver. Cheaper to manufacture, electroplated items short-change many looking to realise the value of their supposed gold or silver collections.

One of the tell-tale signs that your item may be electroplated is as simple as checking for wear and tear. True gold and silver are some of the most durable metals on the planet. There’s a reason gold is valued so highly, especially. If your item looks like it’s tarnished in any way, exposing some other base metal, it’s a sign that the electroplated gold or silver has worn away, having been broken down by the base metal below.

True gold or silver items can get the odd scratch, and some items, like old chains can break, but the surface should maintain a uniform shiny quality. The old saying “all that glitters is not gold” is especially important to have at the forefront of your mind.

Check for the hallmark

If studying for signs of wear and tear prove tricky, it might be easier to check for a hallmark on your gold or silver item. These markings are able to serve as a unique seal of approval, showing you information about an item’s purity, as well as the Assay Office and Sponsor’s Mark.

It’s hard to fake these hallmarks, as they include compulsory stamps and are a legal requirement for items of gold weighing more than a gram, or items of silver weighing over 7.78g. If purity is the go-to metric by which you plan to assess your item, look out particularly for numbers such as 375.

This three-digit number implies that the item has been officially assessed for fineness, and found to have a purity of 9 carat, or 37.5 per cent purity. Numbers counting any higher than that, and your item could have a purity of 14 carat or more.

If you’ve correctly identified your item’s fineness, and have an idea for its weight, why not head over to Cash for Your Gold and see how much your item could be worth using our Gold Scrap Calculator? The result is near-instantaneous and you don’t need to send a single piece of gold or silver to use it.

When you’re ready to make a sale with an item of authentic gold or silver, fill in this Seller’s Form, to see what we can offer you today. Why not call us on 01902 623 253 to get the ball rolling, and see how we can help you with your enquiries?

No Lean January for 2021 with Scrap Gold

As we enter into the new year, it’s understandable for all of us to be tightening belts and watching how we spend all of our precious pennies, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic and the downturn that followed in its wake.

But Cash for Your Gold has a different idea – if you have some scrap knocking around your home, it’s an ideal time to sell. Prices are high, and if you sell today, you could have an unexpectedly bumper month ahead.

January 2021 could be golden

Gold prices enjoyed a significant run-up in 2020, as they often rise during times of economic uncertainty. Just last summer, prices rose as high as £1,500 per troy ounce, as markets crumbled on news of rising COVID-19 cases and businesses struggled to grapple with lockdown restrictions. Keep an eye on the latest gold prices here, to time your sale in the best way.

Selling gold with Cash for Your Gold is easy, as we’ve helped pay out as much as £60 million to sellers over the past few years, making us one of the most trusted and high-profile buyers of scrap gold in the UK. We can offer as much as £15.67 for just one gram of 9-carat gold, higher than what many other buyers can offer.

That’s because we’re a largely digital, online-based service, which helps reduce overhead costs and gives our clients a fairer shot at selling scrap gold on the markets. We’re also transparent in what we can offer customers, so check out our Gold Scrap Calculator to see what your item could be worth today. All you need at your fingertips is the purity and weight of your item, to get started.

Make a safe sale despite lockdown

COVID-19 cases remain high, and for health and safety reasons, it isn’t advised to leave your home unless absolutely necessary. It simply isn’t practical for many of our customers to be waiting in long lines at the Post Office, queuing to physically mail their items to us as part of their sale.

That’s why we strongly encourage customers to make use of the Royal Mail’s online collection service. It’s quick, efficient, and helps limit the spread of COVID-19, allowing you to stay indoors and avoid unnecessary contact with others, while the pandemic restrictions remain in place. The Royal Mail also allows users to track parcels and packages while out on delivery, so you can have peace of mind, knowing your item has arrived at our headquarters safely.

If you wish to make a sale today, fill in this Seller Form. If you have any queries about selling or some other matter to discuss about selling gold, don’t hesitate to call us on 01902 623 253, and one of our team members will be with your shortly, to help with your enquiry.

Scrap Silver Could Outshine Gold in 2020

Much has been said in recent months about the profitably of selling scrap gold, and it’s no surprise – gold scrap prices are hitting almost unprecedented levels, and anyone with a bit of scrap gold lying around has been cashing in.

But have you considered what a golden – or should we say silver – opportunity it would be if you happened to find some scrap silver lying around, too? 

Scrap silver is poised for a rally 

The prices of gold and silver historically rise in tandem, but the price of silver has been unusually disconnected from gold since 2011. Prices for scrap gold have been generally stable over the last eight years, but silver prices have more than halved since peaking in April 2011. 

This trend has persisted over time, meaning silver is significantly undervalued relative to gold. It’s very unusual to see scrap silver looking so inexpensive relative to its yellow cousin. If some estimates are correct, the ratio will eventually return to its long-run average, if some estimates are correct. This could make scrap silver jewellery and other items such as cutlery or ornaments much more valuable.

Sell scrap silver today 

At present, scrap silver items weighing 100 grams with 999.0 purity could earn you as much as £35.64 each. If prices are bottoming out, with the prospect of a great silver bull market in the coming years, you could expect to make even more when you sell. 

Cash for Your Gold accepts not just gold but silver scrap items of all shapes and sizes, too. We accept silver jewellery, coins, cutlery, even photo frames, candlesticks and, of course, bullion. 

Silver is often viewed as cheaper and generally less profitable to sell than gold, but in the past, it has shown far greater price volatility. This means every upswing in value can yield significantly greater gains when you sell scrap silver than you might have seen, if you had simply stuck to gold. 

Considering selling scrap silver? 

Cash for Your Gold should be your first port of call if you’re considering scrapping silver. We are specialists in both scrap gold and scrap silver, having worked in this sector for a number of years. 

If you wish to sell scrap silver, all you need to do is fill in our seller form and provide us with some basic information about the items you wish to sell.  

There’s no need to send an item over to us in order to get your free valuation as our scrap silver calculator is updated to reflect live spot prices. All you need to get an accurate reading of what your items could earn you are the weight and an idea about the purity of the item in question.

For more information about selling with Cash for Your Gold, don’t hesitate to call us on 01902 623 253.  

Large Quantities of Scrap Gold Thrown Away in Rubbish

It’s easy to see how an item of scrap gold might have lost its shine, leading you to wonder what’s the best way to dispose of it.

As specialists in scrap gold selling and recycling, we’ve noticed increasing numbers of people from waste disposal companies getting in touch with significant quantities of scrap gold, carelessly thrown away in regular household rubbish.

You might not think your regular household waste is worth much to anyone, but enough of us are throwing away a literal fortune, as pieces of scrap gold get chucked out on a regular basis.

This means so many of us are losing out on the deal of a lifetime, as the price of gold remains high and demand for scrap gold stays healthy and consistent.

Gold in your weekly rubbish

You make a point of remembering to sort out your recycling from regular rubbish, but take care not to put any scrap gold in with your plastic or food waste! With the price of just a gram of 9-carat scrap gold being worth £14.14, losing a load of unwanted gold jewellery could lose you a significant sum.

In many cases, people are possibly losing these items by accident, but in the event that someone is throwing scrap gold away intentionally, there’s a good reason to stop them – gold prices are close to hitting an all-time high in pound sterling terms.

That means that the gold scrap you find lying around your home is far from worthless – in fact, it could be worth more to you than ever before. That’s because the price of gold per troy ounce hit an all-time of £1,200 last summer, and prices have remained close to this peak ever since.

Reasons to sell scrap gold

It might be easy to see scrap gold items as unnecessary, unwanted or useless, especially if handed down through the family, in poor condition. But just because that old golden chain you’ve got lying around is broken, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a sizable amount, by selling your scrap gold and letting us recycle it for you.

Demand for scrap gold remains high, especially as so much of it ends up in landfill already, given that many consumer tech devices, including smartphones and tablets, use components which contain traces of gold and other precious metals.

To demonstrate just how much scrap gold is thrown down the drain in this way already, read our story about how the Japanese government recycled gold from over six million devices, creating enough recycled scrap gold to help make over 5,000 Olympic medals for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Just remember, scrap gold is still gold, and it’s bound to be worth a significant amount. Think twice before chucking it away in the rubbish, if you can’t think of a good use to put it to. Why not consider selling it to a gold specialist who can recycle it for you, and help make you a tidy sum in the process?

For more information about recycling scrap gold, drop us a message or give Cash for Your Gold a call on 01902 623 253 today – we’ve paid out over £30 million for scrap gold already, so what are you waiting for?

Land of the Rising Sun Sees Value in Recycled Gold

It might sound unbelievable, but your smartphone is like having a miniature goldmine right in your pocket. What do we mean by this? The average smartphone is estimated to contain small traces of gold and other precious metals.

A BBC News story in 2014 revealed that a pile of 35-40 smartphones could yield as much as one gram of gold alone. It might not sound like much, but it just goes to show how much hidden value is right under your nose. Read on to learn more about how the Japanese used this information to recycle gold with great success.

Japanese gold recycled into medals.

In less than a year’s time, Japan will be hosting the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. For a number of years, the Japanese government has led an innovative campaign to persuade millions of Japanese citizens to hand in unwanted electronic devices. The campaign doubles as a bid to not only save the environment, but to help make sure the 2020 Tokyo Olympics can offer a whole host of shiny gold, silver and bronze medals.

Between April 2017 and March 2019, as many as six million smartphones and other electronic items were recycled, to produce 5,000 Olympic medals. Just think – all that scrap gold could have easily ended up remaining locked away in millions of homes across the country or lying in a landfill site.

This story highlights just how much gold can end up in everyday items, in the most unlikely of places. But don’t be fooled – if we stopped extracting gold from beneath the earth, and relied solely on the recycled gold from recycled electronic items, it’s estimated that we’d run out of gold within just 23 days.

Great value in recycling scrap gold.

What can we learn from the Japanese about recycling scrap gold? You might be interested to know that here at Cash for Your Gold, we can guarantee that any item of scrap gold you sell to us can be melted down, if you wish. Perhaps you’ve found an old family heirloom, but don’t like the idea of it simply being passed around from person to person.

When selling your scrap gold, why not ask for it to be completely melted down and reshaped into something new? Cash For Your Gold is able to offer as much as £13.27 for just a gram of 9-carat gold, and we accept a variety of items, whether that’s old jewellery, coins or bullion bars, just to name a few forms of scrap gold.

Use our Hallmarks guide, to help determine the purity or carat of your item. If you feel ready to make a sale of scrap gold, feel free to get in touch today – we look forward to helping you with any queries you may have.

Asian Jewellery – Store of Family Wealth or Potential Liability?

Asian gold jewellery is becoming increasingly more common within the scrap gold market and there are several reasons for this.

Changing Tastes

Firstly, the younger generations of families from Asian backgrounds have often grown up, or even been born, in the UK and often have developed very different tastes and attitudes to their forebears. This inter-generational divergence of tastes and attitudes is not limited to the UK and a recent survey by the World Gold Council found that younger generations across the world were less engaged with ownership of gold jewellery than previous generations have been. Gold is still seen by this younger population as a symbol and store of wealth but the desire for ownership of gold jewellery has diminished.  

The second reason that families are disposing of their gold heirlooms is that they are feeling at increased risk of being targeted by criminals. Recent increases in home-invasion style robberies which have targeted families with substantial collections of gold heirlooms have led to a substantial re-evaluation of the practice of keeping high value collections of gold at home.

Far from being the traditional store of family wealth and financial foundations for the generations to come, Asian jewellery collections are increasingly seen as potential liabilities which may encourage attention from unwelcome sources.

Loss Of Trust?

In addition, the reputation of the traditionally trusted 22 carat standard of Asian jewellery has been under threat in recent years. In 2017 a number of Asian jewellers from Southall in London were prosecuted for offences involving non-hallmarked gold and irregularities with weighing scales. A more recent scandal relating to the hallmarking of items of substandard purity in Birmingham has also been exposed. 

Over the last few decades many scrap gold buyers and pawnbrokers have purchased Asian jewellery which turned out to be problematic. Heavily plated items and elaborate pieces constructed from numerous parts, many of varying purity with low grade solder used in manufacturing have combined to produce a ‘once bitten, twice shy’ attitude from many companies  towards Asian gold. This has resulted in many dealers only offering a fraction of an item’s true value when it is offered to the trade. 

It is unfortunately true that many Asian gold pieces have problems, particularly those that were artisan crafted several years ago in Asia. At a time before stringent regulation of the jewellery market it was quite common for items such as rings, bangles and wedding sets to be made by a local goldsmith. Unfortunately, some of the more unscrupulous manufacturers were not averse to using whatever soft metals were at hand to mix in with the gold during manufacture. Traditional wedding sets are also well known for the presence of low carat solder which is used to strengthen intricate designs, particularly in multi-section necklaces. This type of work is then often hidden with a thin coating of 22 carat gold to provide a uniform and lustrous appearance to the entire piece.

Despite the presence of problematic items, much of the Asian gold jewellery that we deal with is of an exquisite nature and high purity, particularly when fully hallmarked or originating from heavily controlled and regulated sources such as Dubai. 

In general, Asian gold jewellery heirlooms are valuable pieces, but perhaps not as valuable in some cases as the manufacturer or jeweller led the owner to believe when they were first made or purchased.

As scrap gold buyers we have seen a lot of Asian gold jewellery over the years. Commercially produced plated jewellery is also more common nowadays than previously as many specialist Asian jewellers deal only in these lower cost items. Older heirloom pieces tend to present with interesting additions such as lead and tin and their purity can vary widely, from section to section, from 14 carat to 22 carat. You can see the difference that this makes to an item’s value by taking a look at our price charts.

A Modern Solution

Modern analytical equipment has provided the means for specialist companies such as CashForYourGold to accurately test items to determine the exact nature of their make-up. Gone are the days when customers who wish to sell Asian jewellery and valuable family heirlooms are forced to accept low offers for their possessions. 

Whilst not all Asian jewellery was not accurately described when it was made or initially bought, customers can now at least be confident that their items will be accurately tested and that they will receive a fair offer from CashForYourGold. 

In addition, as part of Group International Ltd, we are closely linked to our sister website, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Gold Bars and Gold Coins. It is therefore a straightforward process to part-exchange traditional Asian Gold Jewellery and heirlooms against the purchase of beautiful, fully certified and guaranteed Gold bars and coins in sizes from 1 gram to 1 kilogram. 

This process not only establishes the true level of the value held in family pieces but also allows that value to be transferred into items that the younger generations are more likely to appreciate. 

By transferring that value into a number of smaller items, it is also easier to distribute between members of the next generation when the time comes or to use part of the value when and if needed. This ‘liquidity’ of assets is restricted when substantial value is held in a single piece or set of Asian Gold jewellery. 

Security concerns can also be addressed by transferring wealth from traditional Asian Gold jewellery to certified Gold Bars and Coins which can be stored and concealed in numerous locations or even divided between different members of the family. We also offer a professional, low cost, fully insured vaulted storage solution for customers who purchase from us and can offer free introductory storage periods to allow you to become accustomed to this type of security solution.

In summary, the ownership of valuable Asian Gold jewellery should not be seen as the potential liability that many scrap gold buying companies suggest it to be! 

The true value of your items can be accurately determined by companies such as CashForYourGold which have invested heavily in state of the art XRF testing equipment and have the market presence to offer fair prices and the option to ‘convert’ traditional, heirloom pieces into fully certified and guaranteed Gold Bars and Gold Coins that make more attractive inheritances for younger generations and can be easily stored and protected.