Post-Lockdown Era Looks Bright for Selling Gold

Understandably, money has been tight for many in the last year or so. Markets took a hit, and many of us have that bit less disposable income than we expected as a result of the pandemic and the lockdown that ensued. 

However, gold could be a great tonic to boost your cashflow, if you time a sale for this summer. That’s because prices remain elevated, after a price boom over lockdown. 

Selling at near-all-time highs 

When it comes to selling gold, Cash for Your Gold can see a compelling argument to be made for doing so in the current climate. Having doubled in price between 2015 and 2020, gold prices remain steady but elevated this year, meaning you can expect to make more from selling any gold items in your home than at virtually any time in history. 

According to our very own Gold Scrap Calculator, a single gram of nine-carat gold could yield as much as £15.24 if you sell with Cash for Your Gold Today. We accept items ranging from old chains, jewellery, rings coins and plenty of other gold items that many of us have hidden away in our cupboards. It’s no secret that you could be sitting on a literal fortune, depending on how much you find and if you choose to sell your gold today. 

Subject to condition, we also have a special offer, paying up to 100 per cent of the gold rate on an array of gold bullion coins at present. Gold and silver coins are often passed down through the family from generation to generation, and can be some of the most valuable items suitable for selling in the current climate. 

Secure sales today 

Cash for Your Gold offers a secure and easy way to sell scrap gold at times like these. To get started, just fill in this Seller’s Form with all the necessary information. When it comes to sending the item by post, we strongly advise using the fully insured Special Delivery via Royal Mail’s collection service straight from your front door. This saves you having to spend precious time in the queue at the Post Office. 

Not only that, but the Royal Mail allows you to track your package until its safe arrival at our headquarters, where we can analyse your item and present you with an offer. If you accept the offer, payment can be processed with minimal fuss, giving you that much-needed cash injection, allowing you to spend as you wish, as lockdown restrictions ease. 

The lockdowns during the pandemic have been hard on all of us, but there are finally glimmers of light. Having that bit of extra cash could go a long way to helping you celebrate as venues re-open near you in the coming weeks, assuming the government’s lockdown timeline remains on track. 

For more information about selling gold with Cash for Your Gold today, call us on 01902 623 253. 

Getting the Right Cash for Your Gold and Silver

Rising demand for precious metals from both buyers and sellers in the past 20 years means that there is growing interest in the authenticity of items being exchanged.

Cash for Your Gold has seen many things over the years.

One phenomenon we have observed is the prevalence of items which are purported to be gold, only for further scrutiny to reveal that they are far less dense than they ought to be or that they are electroplated. It’s easy to pass items off as gold in a superficial way, but we know how gold and silver should behave, so here are some things to keep an eye on, when you decide to sell.

Find your certification

Gold and silver coins are popular candidates for being made counterfeit or being passed off as false gold and silver. Electroplating allows manufacturers to reduce production costs, coating less valuable metals in a superficial layer of gold. It might fool someone at first glance, but density is impossible to fake. Gold atoms are densely packed together, meaning false gold items are often far less heavy than they should be.

To make sure your gold coin is authentic, a certificate of authenticity is helpful, as this helps identify its origins and guarantees the dealer was reputable. Gold prices are close to all-time highs, and you don’t want a nasty last-minute surprise as you prepare to sell. Cutting corners might mean you didn’t pay terribly much to acquire your item at first, but it could mean trying to sell it will hit a brick wall eventually.

Other warning signs about your item could be if it shows unusual signs of fading, or the seller offered the item as being ‘enhanced’ by gold. The point is simple: true gold doesn’t need enhancing, and such a term suggests the item wasn’t pure gold to begin with, detracting from the item’s value from the offing.

Check your item out

Cash for Your Gold is in a position to help you assess whether your item is true gold or silver. We know the signs to look out for – hallmarks, density and other classic characteristics associated with proper gold and silver items.

If you would like a professional opinion, we can arrange a Zoom consultation to assess your item over video call. In addition, you can send the item to us so we can examine it ourselves using the necessary metrics and equipment.

Questions over the purity of gold and silver items might persist, and you shouldn’t ignore valid concerns about your items being what you hope they are. Give us a call on 01902 623 253 to hear from professional experts in the world of precious metals today.

All That Glitters Might Not Be Gold

If there’s one thing we know at Cash for Your Gold, it’s certainly a seller’s market. The price of gold is near an all-time high set last summer, and silver has enjoyed a recent spike of its own, thanks to unexpected interest through a Reddit forum.

But an increasing number of sellers are keen to know whether they have the genuine article. How can you prove your item is actual gold or silver? Fortunately, we know just what to look out for, so you don’t get short-changed in the future.

Electroplating tricks the seller

An electrochemical process called electroplating has deceived many of you, who bought what you believed to be genuine gold or silver, when in actual fact, it’s simply copper encased in a thin shell of gold or silver. Cheaper to manufacture, electroplated items short-change many looking to realise the value of their supposed gold or silver collections.

One of the tell-tale signs that your item may be electroplated is as simple as checking for wear and tear. True gold and silver are some of the most durable metals on the planet. There’s a reason gold is valued so highly, especially. If your item looks like it’s tarnished in any way, exposing some other base metal, it’s a sign that the electroplated gold or silver has worn away, having been broken down by the base metal below.

True gold or silver items can get the odd scratch, and some items, like old chains can break, but the surface should maintain a uniform shiny quality. The old saying “all that glitters is not gold” is especially important to have at the forefront of your mind.

Check for the hallmark

If studying for signs of wear and tear prove tricky, it might be easier to check for a hallmark on your gold or silver item. These markings are able to serve as a unique seal of approval, showing you information about an item’s purity, as well as the Assay Office and Sponsor’s Mark.

It’s hard to fake these hallmarks, as they include compulsory stamps and are a legal requirement for items of gold weighing more than a gram, or items of silver weighing over 7.78g. If purity is the go-to metric by which you plan to assess your item, look out particularly for numbers such as 375.

This three-digit number implies that the item has been officially assessed for fineness, and found to have a purity of 9 carat, or 37.5 per cent purity. Numbers counting any higher than that, and your item could have a purity of 14 carat or more.

If you’ve correctly identified your item’s fineness, and have an idea for its weight, why not head over to Cash for Your Gold and see how much your item could be worth using our Gold Scrap Calculator? The result is near-instantaneous and you don’t need to send a single piece of gold or silver to use it.

When you’re ready to make a sale with an item of authentic gold or silver, fill in this Seller’s Form, to see what we can offer you today. Why not call us on 01902 623 253 to get the ball rolling, and see how we can help you with your enquiries?

Reddit Silver Spike Makes Selling Popular for 2021

Gold may be the prize you expect to receive for first place, but very often, its high value can make it tricky to come by. As a result, many of us pour our money into silver. It can be easy to find old family silver, whether it’s in the form of cutlery, jewellery or other items of interest.

In early 2021, an army of Reddit users managed to squeeze hedge funds by pouring into the silver markets, pushing the price up by almost 20 per cent in just three trading days. Few saw the rally coming, but it demonstrates how silver can become ripe for selling opportunities in the blink of an eye this year.

Spot the silver spike

After pouring resources into causing a spike in an ailing game company called GameStop, Reddit users were able to do what few individual buyers of precious metals could ever do on their own. Using the power of free-to-download smartphone trading apps, users of a forum called r/wallstreetbets managed to push prices up significantly in a short space of time.

Anyone who timed a sale during this volatile week for silver prices could have enjoyed something of a Reddit dividend, and the success of this short-lived rally could easily spawn further campaigns to push prices higher.

Cash for Your Gold provides a live silver price tracker, for anyone wishing to monitor silver prices on a regular basis. As we can help facilitate a sale of scrap silver digitally, we have lower overhead costs to our operations than some buyers of scrap precious metals. To give sales with Cash for Your Gold greater transparency, you can value your item of silver for free via our website’s silver scrap calculator.

If you have a silver chain weighing just 40 grams, with a purity of .925, for example, you could sell it for £20.00, based on market silver prices as of 26th February 2021.

Safe, discreet sales of silver

The potential for future spikes in the price of silver make 2021 an ideal time to consider making a sale with Cash for Your Gold. We have many years of experience in working with sellers to ensure a fair price, in line with market valuations. The silver scrap calculator offers you an easy and free way to value your silver, without having to send a single gram of it, while you consider making a sale.

If you are ready to make a sale, please fill out this Seller Form – it simply requires some basic information to facilitate safe dispatch, with SSL encryption protecting your personal information in the process. We recommend making a sale, using Insured and tracked Special Delivery via the Royal Mail’s online collection service

While the UK remains under lockdown restrictions due to COVID-19, it is sensible to avoid risking infection by leaving your home to wait at the Post Office, to send a single package. Online dispatch is easy to track, and limits your risk of exposure, during the ongoing pandemic.

If you have any queries about selling silver or wish to make an immediate sale, don’t hesitate to call us on 01902 623 253 and a member of our team will be available to help you.

No Lean January for 2021 with Scrap Gold

As we enter into the new year, it’s understandable for all of us to be tightening belts and watching how we spend all of our precious pennies, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic and the downturn that followed in its wake.

But Cash for Your Gold has a different idea – if you have some scrap knocking around your home, it’s an ideal time to sell. Prices are high, and if you sell today, you could have an unexpectedly bumper month ahead.

January 2021 could be golden

Gold prices enjoyed a significant run-up in 2020, as they often rise during times of economic uncertainty. Just last summer, prices rose as high as £1,500 per troy ounce, as markets crumbled on news of rising COVID-19 cases and businesses struggled to grapple with lockdown restrictions. Keep an eye on the latest gold prices here, to time your sale in the best way.

Selling gold with Cash for Your Gold is easy, as we’ve helped pay out as much as £60 million to sellers over the past few years, making us one of the most trusted and high-profile buyers of scrap gold in the UK. We can offer as much as £15.67 for just one gram of 9-carat gold, higher than what many other buyers can offer.

That’s because we’re a largely digital, online-based service, which helps reduce overhead costs and gives our clients a fairer shot at selling scrap gold on the markets. We’re also transparent in what we can offer customers, so check out our Gold Scrap Calculator to see what your item could be worth today. All you need at your fingertips is the purity and weight of your item, to get started.

Make a safe sale despite lockdown

COVID-19 cases remain high, and for health and safety reasons, it isn’t advised to leave your home unless absolutely necessary. It simply isn’t practical for many of our customers to be waiting in long lines at the Post Office, queuing to physically mail their items to us as part of their sale.

That’s why we strongly encourage customers to make use of the Royal Mail’s online collection service. It’s quick, efficient, and helps limit the spread of COVID-19, allowing you to stay indoors and avoid unnecessary contact with others, while the pandemic restrictions remain in place. The Royal Mail also allows users to track parcels and packages while out on delivery, so you can have peace of mind, knowing your item has arrived at our headquarters safely.

If you wish to make a sale today, fill in this Seller Form. If you have any queries about selling or some other matter to discuss about selling gold, don’t hesitate to call us on 01902 623 253, and one of our team members will be with your shortly, to help with your enquiry.

Christmas 2020 Operating Hours

Our website will remain available throughout the festive period but our offices will close from 3.30pm on Tuesday 22nd December 2020 until 10am on Monday 4th January 2021.

Due to ongoing disruption to the postal service in some areas, your last day for despatching Royal Mail insured Special Delivery parcels for delivery to us before 22nd December should be Thursday 17th December.

Parcels that we do not receive by 22nd December will be processed after our return to work on 4th January and may be held in Royal Mail storage until that date.

We will resume normal service on 4th January 2021.

Give Yourself a Golden Christmas Boost in 2020

The dreaded R-word – recession – is back in the headlines, spelling tough times ahead for the UK. Many of us are really counting every penny, but did you know that scrap gold could be just the ticket to getting a much-needed cash boost this Christmas?

It all starts with coming to Cash for Your Gold, and seeing our market leading prices for your scrap gold items that we have to offer, this festive season.

Dreaming of a gold Christmas

Times are tough, but that’s precisely why scrap gold could be so valuable this year. Cash for Your Gold has been tracking gold prices in 2020, and we’ve seen prices rise to an all-time high of over £1,500 per troy ounce this summer. Follow the story of rising gold prices this year, using our Live Gold Price tracker here.

As a result, this feeds into higher scrap gold prices across the market. Finding the right price matters, so that’s why Cash for Your Gold is worth turning to. Unlike many buyers, our work is highly digitised, meaning lower overheads and higher scrap prices on offer than others.

If you’ve found a bit of scrap gold in your home over lockdown, and are in need of some extra cash this Christmas, now could be the perfect time to sell. Use our Gold Scrap Calculator to see what your item could earn today – all you need is to have an idea about the weight and purity as measured in carats.

For example, just one gram of scrap gold, with 9-carat purity, could make as much as £16.19 – it doesn’t take much to imagine what you could make with a heavier item with even higher purity.

How to sell with Cash for Your Gold

Selling with Cash for Your Gold can be stress-free and easy. Please note that for this festive season, we will briefly pause receipt of gold scrap items, so make sure to send them through by 17th December 2020, to avoid delays.

It helps to ensure items are sent via Royal Mail Insured Special Delivery, to allow items to reach us safely. When you’re ready to make a sale with us, make sure to fill in this SSL-encrypted Selling to Us form. To avoid having to leave home while pandemic restrictions remain in place, why not use the Royal Mail’s online collection service, for a safe and speedy delivery?

If you have any queries about scrap gold or wish to make a pre-Christmas sale, call Cash for Your Gold on 01902 623 253 today. Our team will be ready to would like to wish you a merry Christmas for 2020 and a happy 2021.

Selling Gold Online Has Never Been Easier in 2020

At the start of November, England returned to a state of lockdown as a second wave of COVID-19 cases started to emerge. This caused much disruption as the previous lockdown did, but as was the case before, restrictions needn’t stop you from unlocking some cash in your own home in the form of scrap gold.

In fact, it’s never been easier to make a sale, especially online, through trusted buyers such as Cash for Your Gold. Today, we explain why this is possible.

High prices and suitable buyers

With the restrictions imposed through the second lockdown this autumn, we’ve all been spending much more time at home. Times are also tough for many of us, so a little bit of extra cash can go a long way, especially in the run-up to a Christmas unlike any we’ve seen before.

That’s why it pays to do a clean sweep to find any unwanted scrap gold lying around your home – perhaps an old piece of broken jewellery, a ring, or coins passed down through the family, which you have no need for anymore. Now could be an ideal time to sell, as gold prices are high. Just this summer, gold prices hit an all-time high of £1,500 per troy ounce.

At Cash for Your Gold, we would be able to pay you £15.60 today for just a single gram of 9-carat gold. Just imagine what you could expect to make, if you found a larger item with a higher purity. To be sure of an accurate pricing, why not give our Gold Scrap Calculator a go?

Easy to sell online despite lockdown

The price of gold is high, but it’s also incredibly easy to make sales of gold in spite of the restrictions imposed by the lockdown in England. You may be interested to know that the Royal Mail has an efficient Click and Collect postal service which will collect your parcel from your home.

This allows you to make easy sales with Cash for Your Gold without having to leave your home to take your scrap items to the Post Office. We suggest that you make sure items are sent in discreet, tamper-proof pouches or packages, by Royal Mail insured Special Delivery to guarantee your item can be dispatched and delivered to us safely.

Once we have valued your item upon receipt, we can give you an offer which, should you accept, ensures swift payment. Options include the Faster Payment System (FPS), which can wire the payment over to your account within as little as two hours.

Contact is easy – call us on 01902 623 253 or fill in this contact form to get in touch with us today. Our team are responsive and ready to help with any enquiries you may have about selling scrap gold today. 

7 Tips For Selling Your Gold

As gold continues rising in value, more and more websites are popping up offering to buy your gold. If you have some gold you want to sell, you may be wondering where you should sell, who provides the best value, and how to know which buyers to trust.

Deciding where to sell and how to get the most value can be difficult, so we have put together this article to give you the best advice.

1. Is Now a Good Time to Sell Gold?

This is as much a personal question as it is an economic question. If you wish to sell your gold in order to purchase something, to go on a holiday, or even just to get some cash to keep your monthly finances buoyant, then that will outweigh any economic outlook.

However, the current economic situation is very good for gold. See the chart below:

As you can see in the chart, since January 2020, gold has rapidly risen in price, hitting all-time annual highs. So there has never been a better time to sell gold.

2. How Much is My Gold Worth?

If you would like to sell your gold, we recommend getting multiple valuations. The jeweller on the high street may be one of the best known chains, but they may not offer you the best price for your gold. found that high street cash-for-gold shops compared poorly to jewellers and pawnbrokers. While online gold buying services are found to provide the best value.

Selling in a shop is no faster than buying online. Cash For Your Gold can post you a cheque within 24 hours and can deposit money into your account within 2 hours.

3. Where Should I Sell My Gold Online?

There are many places where you can sell your gold online with new websites appearing all the time. What is important is that you find a place that is reputable and reliable.

Some websites try to force people to sign up before offering a quote. We make it easy for you to see how much your gold is worth thanks to our gold calculator on the left side of the page. You can also compare our rates with those of other gold buyers, giving you the information you need to choose the best place to sell.

It is important to scrutinise the price offered by gold buyers because many add in commission fees or administration fees, meaning you do not receive the full amount offered. At Cash For Your Gold, the price we offer is the amount you get.

4. Who Is Trustworthy?

The best way to find out whether a gold buyer is reputable is to check for reviews. You can search Google to find out what experiences other people have had, and you can search sites such as Trustpilot. We are rated as excellent on Trustpilot, find out more here

5. Word of Mouth

We find that a lot of our customers do our marketing for us by word of mouth. It’s usually a recommendation given to friends or family about our quality service and quick turnarounds.

Word of mouth is important for businesses because people value the opinion of their friends and family more than website reviews. They can often tell us more, too, because we can learn about the whole experience from start to finish.

This is why we recommend asking around and finding out if any of your friends or family have bought or sold gold. If so, ask them about their experience. How easy was it? How long did it take? Would they recommend them?

6. How is the Value of My Gold Decided?

The value of your gold is based on two things: the purity and the weight of the gold. In jewellery, the purity of gold is measured in carats (ct), which range from 9–24 ct. The higher the carats the higher the purity.

The market price of gold, like all commodities, fluctuates constantly. Depending on how much you wish to sell, these fluctuations could significantly reduce or increase the amount of cash you receive. We lock-in the market rate for your gold as soon as your item is received — simple and fair.

7. Where Can I Get the Best Price for My Gold?

At Cash For Your Gold, we offer the best rates online. Our prices are transparent: just enter your gold’s weight and purity, and you will instantly get a quote. 

We are consistently rated 5 stars on Trustpilot for our high quality and efficient service.

Everything can be confirmed and paid within 24 hours of posting your items. This means the cash for your gold can be in your pocket by this time tomorrow.

Find out more here

Only Sell When You Are Happy

Selling gold can be a complicated business — we should know, we do this for a living! But like anything in life, we should only make a decision when we feel comfortable and confident in what we are doing.

The information presented in this article is to make you a more informed seller by improving your knowledge about gold jewellery, gold dealers and gold prices.

Armed with a greater understanding of gold, you are now able to make a more informed choice about where you want to sell, ensuring you get the best value possible for your gold.

Operational Update

As the latest Covid Lock-Down in England adds to the restrictions that are already in force, to varying degrees, in all parts of the United Kingdom, we wish to re-assure our customers that we are still open for business.

We have very strict protocols in place to keep our members of staff safe in the workplace and business continues, albeit not as usual.

We are still receiving packages sent to us by insured Royal Mail Special Delivery and for higher value sales we are able to make Covid-secure arrangements to receive personally delivered consignments, strictly by appointment only and subject to compliance with our protocols. Please call for details if you wish to visit us to sell items.

For clients that are self-isolating or unwilling to visit a Post Office, the new Royal Mail Collect service may be of interest. It is now possible to have insured Special Delivery parcels collected from your home or workplace by Royal Mail for a small additional fee. Visit Royal Mail Parcel Collect Service for details. (Select large letter or small parcel, depending on the weight of your items and select Special Delivery service with an insurance level that covers the contents.) We strongly recommend that a tamper-proof Royal Mail Special Delivery pouch is used when sending precious metals through the post. These pouches are available free of charge from a Post Office. If you are unable to access a Post Office to collect a pouch we will be happy to post a selling kit out to you, just give us a call.

The recent news that a Covid vaccine could be available in the near future seems to have given the Nation a glimmer of hope that 2021 could see the lifting of many of the restrictions that we are currently enduring. We all hope to see improvements in the situation which will allow as social a Christmas period as possible.

In the meantime, please follow the rules that apply to your particular area and Stay Safe.

The Team at Cash For Your Gold