Finance Your Summer Holiday with Cash for Your Gold 

At Cash for Your Gold, we offer the best prices online for your scrap gold. With our competitive prices for scrap gold, you could finance your summer holiday, which is proving tricky for many Brits during this time of high inflation. 

The cost-of-living crisis means that many Brits are struggling to book a summer holiday for the third summer in a row after two years of COVID-19 enforced stay-at-home regulations. So, why not sell scrap gold today? 

Scrap gold – what we buy 

We have been buying scrap gold for many years, building a reputation for secure, fast and transparent payments along the way. 

We buy a range of items in the following forms of precious metal: gold, silver, palladium and platinum.  

The items we buy include jewellery, such as necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. We also buy medals, statues, old watches and dental gold. Discover the full list of items we buy

Whether you have unwanted jewellery gathering dust at home, or have inherited a coin collection, but have no interest in gold coins, we will offer you some of the best prices for scrap gold available online. 

Check the latest gold prices 

When looking to sell scrap gold, you can make the most of your sale by timing it just right. To do this keep a close eye on our live gold price charts. We update our live price data every five seconds to give you the most up to date information possible at your fingertips. 

With this information to hand, you can wait until the price is at a point you are comfortable with. 

Gold prices fluctuate constantly, so don’t underestimate how frequently prices change. Currently the gold price is plateauing to a degree. Across the last decade, however, the price has generally trended upwards, and for long periods it has risen sharply. Moreover, the price of gold tends to rise during times of economic strife such as now, meaning you may want to check our prices regularly before making a sale. 

How it works 

Just follow these three simple steps. 

  1. 1. Weigh and value your items  
    Firstly, determine the purity of your gold, which should be marked clearly on most gold items. Then weigh your items using a set of scales. By entering the weight and purity of your items in our scrap gold calculator we will determine a current guide price. 

  2. 2. Securely pack your metal 
    We recommend packing your items in a secure jiffy bag or similar. Once your items are physically secure print and fill in our seller’s form. When you are ready to send your items you can do so in complete confidence. We recommend posting via Royal Mail Insured Special Delivery to ensure your sale is not compromised if your items are lost in the postal service or damaged in transit. 

  3. 3. Receive your payment 
    You will receive payment within 24 hours of us receiving your parcel – via transfer directly to your bank account. 

Sell your gold for cash 

Ready to make a sale? If you are happy with the price we offer, you can sell your gold now. If you have any questions or would like us to value your gold for you, please get in touch with us