Is now the best time to sell gold?

In a nutshell, yes! Right now, is a great time to sell any unwanted gold! The price of gold is still experiencing a six-month high and doesn’t look like it will be falling any time soon as tensions remain between America and China in the ongoing trade war.

Other factors keeping the price of gold as high as it has been over the past few weeks is the demand for jewellery in India, America and China and the Central Bank Reserves that have been purchasing more gold than they are selling.

As a metal, gold retains its value and investors turn to gold to protect their wealth in times of economic uncertainty, but does that mean now is the wrong time to sell those broken chains, remaining earring from a pair or that jewellery you just don’t wear any longer?

As with all investments, the clever part of making your gold work for you is to sell it when the price is high. The price of gold changes throughout the day as it responds to market demands, how do you know when to sell? Fortunately, you don’t need to worry too much when you want to scrap your gold items.

At Cash For Your Gold we monitor the live price regularly throughout the day for the price we will pay per gram (which is a percentage of the live price of gold). We then update our prices several times a day so you will always get the best price we can give you.

There are no hidden charges apart from those listed on our website to cover payment costs, so you will always have a fair idea of what you will receive, providing you know the weight (in grams) and purity (carat) of your gold.

It’s always worth remembering that we only trade in precious metals. This means should you have any items that contain gemstones we will not purchase them, and an adjustment will be made from the overall weight (the gross weight) of the item to account for them. If you want to keep the gemstone, you need to remove it before you send in your items or bring them to us, as it is not cost effective for us to remove them so they will get melted down along with the gold they are bedded in.

We offer payment by bank transfer (payment directly into your bank by electronic transfer) or cheque.

So, taking all the above into consideration, why don’t you start rooting in your jewellery boxes and kitchen drawers to find those long forgotten broken necklaces and earrings or look at what jewellery you no longer wear! Make your Gold work for You! Visit us today at or call our dedicated Staff on 01902 623 253. We’re here to help!