Sell Your Scrap Gold Today for a Record High Price

As political developments in the UK cause increasing uncertainty, gold prices are within touching distance of their all-time highs as of late June this year. This takes gold to levels not seen since the late summer of 2011.

Prices have rarely been as high as this, so it’s a good time to consider selling any unwanted scrap gold you find lying around – it might be worth a small fortune now, and could give you a much-needed cash boost as we enter the summer.

Near-record gold prices

When selling gold, you want to make sure you’re getting the value you deserve for it. That’s why Cash for Your Gold uses the London Gold Fix to determine prices for gold scrap sales. The London Gold Fix is one of the most trusted ways of valuing gold on the open market.

As of late June 2019, gold prices are close to £1,100 per troy ounce. This is tantalisingly close to the all-time high in British gold markets, last seen back in the late summer of 2011. Use our live Gold Tracker page, to make sure you sell your gold at a time when the price is right for you. 

The trick can be in the timing – use the gold tracker to get the most out of your gold, as any scrap gold we receive will be sold at a price relative to gold prices in the official market at the time of receipt.

Gold in all shapes and sizes

After a much-needed spring clean, you may have discovered you had scrap gold in your midst. Cash for Your Gold is happy to take receipt of gold scrap items in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Perhaps a relative passed down a gold coin. Or maybe you discovered a gold chain or piece of old jewellery that’s looking worse for wear, or found some gold tooth fillings? Why not consider selling it as scrap gold?

Cash for Your Gold can help you determine what you’ve got on your hands. Try our Value My Scrap calculator – it’s easy-to-find, available on the sidebar of our website homepage. To give you an accurate valuation right at your fingertips, all you need to enter is the item’s weight and its carat (or purity).

Other options for scrap

It is common for people to find items with some quantity of gold in them, mixed with other metals. For example, you might find you hold an item made of rose or white gold. These items, despite being made of alloys, could be of great value still. If it’s gold, it’s worth checking to see what it’s worth, when selling with us.

We also accept silver, platinum and palladium – don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have items you wish to scrap, that you believe are made of these precious metals. Cash for Your Gold would be happy to take a look at them,

When you’re ready to sell your scrap gold items, make sure to fill in our Seller Form. It only asks the most basic information and helps us determine what we can do to help you as you sell your gold scrap.

Cash for Your Gold is based in Wolverhampton, having worked in the gold selling market for a number of years. Feel free to get in touch today, if you have any enquiries to make about possibly selling scrap gold to us. Click here to contact us.

Please note that if you wish to visit our Wolverhampton office in person, please make sure you have booked an appointment via the contact page, to ensure no delays when you arrive.