Post-Lockdown Era Looks Bright for Selling Gold

Understandably, money has been tight for many in the last year or so. Markets took a hit, and many of us have that bit less disposable income than we expected as a result of the pandemic and the lockdown that ensued. 

However, gold could be a great tonic to boost your cashflow, if you time a sale for this summer. That’s because prices remain elevated, after a price boom over lockdown. 

Selling at near-all-time highs 

When it comes to selling gold, Cash for Your Gold can see a compelling argument to be made for doing so in the current climate. Having doubled in price between 2015 and 2020, gold prices remain steady but elevated this year, meaning you can expect to make more from selling any gold items in your home than at virtually any time in history. 

According to our very own Gold Scrap Calculator, a single gram of nine-carat gold could yield as much as £15.24 if you sell with Cash for Your Gold Today. We accept items ranging from old chains, jewellery, rings coins and plenty of other gold items that many of us have hidden away in our cupboards. It’s no secret that you could be sitting on a literal fortune, depending on how much you find and if you choose to sell your gold today. 

Subject to condition, we also have a special offer, paying up to 100 per cent of the gold rate on an array of gold bullion coins at present. Gold and silver coins are often passed down through the family from generation to generation, and can be some of the most valuable items suitable for selling in the current climate. 

Secure sales today 

Cash for Your Gold offers a secure and easy way to sell scrap gold at times like these. To get started, just fill in this Seller’s Form with all the necessary information. When it comes to sending the item by post, we strongly advise using the fully insured Special Delivery via Royal Mail’s collection service straight from your front door. This saves you having to spend precious time in the queue at the Post Office. 

Not only that, but the Royal Mail allows you to track your package until its safe arrival at our headquarters, where we can analyse your item and present you with an offer. If you accept the offer, payment can be processed with minimal fuss, giving you that much-needed cash injection, allowing you to spend as you wish, as lockdown restrictions ease. 

The lockdowns during the pandemic have been hard on all of us, but there are finally glimmers of light. Having that bit of extra cash could go a long way to helping you celebrate as venues re-open near you in the coming weeks, assuming the government’s lockdown timeline remains on track. 

For more information about selling gold with Cash for Your Gold today, call us on 01902 623 253.