Secondary Gold Coin Market is Thriving in 2021

Cash for Your Gold has noticed a particularly impressive rise in demand for gold coins of late. In a world of lockdown restrictions, economic turbulence and sheer uncertainty pervading, it’s understandable that demand for one of the most precious safe havens has risen in the last year. Now, we believe it could be an opportune time to sell. 

Mints struggle to keep up 

Gold mints can only satisfy demand so long as supply can keep up. Gold coins come in all different forms: Sovereigns and Britannias if you’re more UK-oriented, whereas Krugerrands and American Eagles are more common overseas varieties. Whichever gold coin found its way into your possession, they are all incredibly valuable, especially after last year’s pandemic bounce. 

Gold prices hit all-time highs in 2020. Supply has been constrained through restrictions imposed by the lockdowns, and suppliers such as the US Mint reported earlier this year that demand for gold coins spiked by 258 per cent in 2020. For prospective buyers, the main gold coin market simply no longer cuts it. However, if you have a gold coin you wish to sell, you’ll be pleased to know the secondary gold coin market is thriving, and buyers are eager to help facilitate a sale. 

Cash for Your Gold has been helping do just that for many years, and our prices are attractive to sellers, as we are a largely digital-based business, meaning overheads are lower than would be the case with other gold buyers. 

The price is right with us 

Not only are prices attractive for selling right now, but we are, depending on the condition of the coin, in a position to offer 100 per cent of its spot price, if you wish to sell with us. That’s because demand for these coins is just so high, and your ability to help satiate demand for these much-sought-after coins will be greatly rewarded. 

We offer a free-to-use Gold Scrap Calculator, if you wish to get a more quick-fire valuation in the safety of your own home. All you need to know is the coin’s purity and weight, and a valuation should be computed easily. For a more in-depth valuation, we can always arrange a video call if you wish, to allow us to see the item and make assessments as to its potential value. 

Gold coins hold tremendous historical value, and are some of the most-prized items by collectors willing to offer substantial sums to acquire them. We can be in a position to facilitate sales, to help you realise the tremendous value of your coins at long last, unlocking a much-needed cash boost just in time for the summer. If you have a gold coin and wish to cash in on the great gold rush of gold coins, don’t hesitate to call us on 01902 623 253. 

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