Asian Jewellery – Store of Family Wealth or Potential Liability?

Asian gold jewellery is becoming increasingly more common within the scrap gold market and there are several reasons for this.

Changing Tastes

Firstly, the younger generations of families from Asian backgrounds have often grown up, or even been born, in the UK and often have developed very different tastes and attitudes to their forebears. This inter-generational divergence of tastes and attitudes is not limited to the UK and a recent survey by the World Gold Council found that younger generations across the world were less engaged with ownership of gold jewellery than previous generations have been. Gold is still seen by this younger population as a symbol and store of wealth but the desire for ownership of gold jewellery has diminished.  

The second reason that families are disposing of their gold heirlooms is that they are feeling at increased risk of being targeted by criminals. Recent increases in home-invasion style robberies which have targeted families with substantial collections of gold heirlooms have led to a substantial re-evaluation of the practice of keeping high value collections of gold at home.

Far from being the traditional store of family wealth and financial foundations for the generations to come, Asian jewellery collections are increasingly seen as potential liabilities which may encourage attention from unwelcome sources.

Loss Of Trust?

In addition, the reputation of the traditionally trusted 22 carat standard of Asian jewellery has been under threat in recent years. In 2017 a number of Asian jewellers from Southall in London were prosecuted for offences involving non-hallmarked gold and irregularities with weighing scales. A more recent scandal relating to the hallmarking of items of substandard purity in Birmingham has also been exposed. 

Over the last few decades many scrap gold buyers and pawnbrokers have purchased Asian jewellery which turned out to be problematic. Heavily plated items and elaborate pieces constructed from numerous parts, many of varying purity with low grade solder used in manufacturing have combined to produce a ‘once bitten, twice shy’ attitude from many companies  towards Asian gold. This has resulted in many dealers only offering a fraction of an item’s true value when it is offered to the trade. 

It is unfortunately true that many Asian gold pieces have problems, particularly those that were artisan crafted several years ago in Asia. At a time before stringent regulation of the jewellery market it was quite common for items such as rings, bangles and wedding sets to be made by a local goldsmith. Unfortunately, some of the more unscrupulous manufacturers were not averse to using whatever soft metals were at hand to mix in with the gold during manufacture. Traditional wedding sets are also well known for the presence of low carat solder which is used to strengthen intricate designs, particularly in multi-section necklaces. This type of work is then often hidden with a thin coating of 22 carat gold to provide a uniform and lustrous appearance to the entire piece.

Despite the presence of problematic items, much of the Asian gold jewellery that we deal with is of an exquisite nature and high purity, particularly when fully hallmarked or originating from heavily controlled and regulated sources such as Dubai. 

In general, Asian gold jewellery heirlooms are valuable pieces, but perhaps not as valuable in some cases as the manufacturer or jeweller led the owner to believe when they were first made or purchased.

As scrap gold buyers we have seen a lot of Asian gold jewellery over the years. Commercially produced plated jewellery is also more common nowadays than previously as many specialist Asian jewellers deal only in these lower cost items. Older heirloom pieces tend to present with interesting additions such as lead and tin and their purity can vary widely, from section to section, from 14 carat to 22 carat. You can see the difference that this makes to an item’s value by taking a look at our price charts.

A Modern Solution

Modern analytical equipment has provided the means for specialist companies such as CashForYourGold to accurately test items to determine the exact nature of their make-up. Gone are the days when customers who wish to sell Asian jewellery and valuable family heirlooms are forced to accept low offers for their possessions. 

Whilst not all Asian jewellery was not accurately described when it was made or initially bought, customers can now at least be confident that their items will be accurately tested and that they will receive a fair offer from CashForYourGold. 

In addition, as part of Group International Ltd, we are closely linked to our sister website, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Gold Bars and Gold Coins. It is therefore a straightforward process to part-exchange traditional Asian Gold Jewellery and heirlooms against the purchase of beautiful, fully certified and guaranteed Gold bars and coins in sizes from 1 gram to 1 kilogram. 

This process not only establishes the true level of the value held in family pieces but also allows that value to be transferred into items that the younger generations are more likely to appreciate. 

By transferring that value into a number of smaller items, it is also easier to distribute between members of the next generation when the time comes or to use part of the value when and if needed. This ‘liquidity’ of assets is restricted when substantial value is held in a single piece or set of Asian Gold jewellery. 

Security concerns can also be addressed by transferring wealth from traditional Asian Gold jewellery to certified Gold Bars and Coins which can be stored and concealed in numerous locations or even divided between different members of the family. We also offer a professional, low cost, fully insured vaulted storage solution for customers who purchase from us and can offer free introductory storage periods to allow you to become accustomed to this type of security solution.

In summary, the ownership of valuable Asian Gold jewellery should not be seen as the potential liability that many scrap gold buying companies suggest it to be! 

The true value of your items can be accurately determined by companies such as CashForYourGold which have invested heavily in state of the art XRF testing equipment and have the market presence to offer fair prices and the option to ‘convert’ traditional, heirloom pieces into fully certified and guaranteed Gold Bars and Gold Coins that make more attractive inheritances for younger generations and can be easily stored and protected.

Farewell to Golden Heirlooms As Price Remains High

Summary: The stellar performance of gold prices in 2019 has prompted families with large holdings of gold in the form of heirlooms to sell scrap gold. If you’re from a family with a deep-seated connection to gold, this year’s price rally will have come as something of a golden ticket for you. It’s quite common for the average family to have some gold items, passed down from generation to generation. Now might be the perfect time to realise the true value of these prized possessions, if you wish to sell scrap gold.

Having a treasure trove of golden family heirlooms comes at a price, however. This summer, police went public with a warning to members of the South Asian community with particularly large holdings of gold, as they had noted a rise in the number of thefts of gold among families of South Asian descent particularly.

A BBC investigation went even further, suggesting that the Metropolitan Police had recorded 3,300 incidents of gold theft since 2013 in particular communities. Families of South Asian descent are particularly vulnerable to gold thefts, as the wedding season proves to be a popular time to buy gold to ensure good fortune.

Heirlooms as scrap

It’s no surprise that there is an increasing amount of attention surrounding golden family heirlooms. The price of gold hit an all-time high earlier this summer, at over £1,277 per troy ounce, before settling at £1,157 as of late October.

Cash For Your Gold’s very own Live Precious Metals chart is the perfect way of tracking the price of gold, especially if you wish to sell scrap gold today. Updated every five seconds, with data provided directly from the markets, you can check to see when prices are high, in the event that you wish to make a sale of scrap gold with us.

Will my Scrap Sell?

If you’ve never sold scrap gold items before, don’t worry – Cash For Your Gold are experts in the field. Do you have a bit of rose gold or white gold, and wonder what it’s worth? Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help give you a valuation.

If you wish to sell scrap gold but want to get a rough valuation before sending anything over, check the Value My Scrap calculator on the sidebar of every page on our website. All you need to know, in order to get an accurate and instantaneous valuation for your scrap gold, is a rough idea of the weight, as well as an idea about its carat or purity.

Our Value My Scrap sidebar calculator values gold items that are 9-carat or more.

Check out our testimonials page, to see how many people we have helped with scrap gold sales in the past.

If you have any queries about wishing to sell scrap gold with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You’re welcome to book an appointment to visit us at our offices in Wolverhampton. Alternatively, feel free to write to us, drop us an email or simply give us a call, using the details below – we look forward to helping you.

Tel: 01902 623 253 (local rate)

Gold – Rare, Unreactive and Recyclable

Gold has a history almost as old as the universe itself. Since the dawn of human civilisation, people have been obsessed with gold’s durability and seemingly never-ending shine. Gold has the speciality of being one of the least reactive noble elements.

This means it barely oxidises as other metals do over time, and it is also impervious to many corrosive substances, so it is difficult to alter its shape unless you melt it down at high temperatures.

Gold also happens to be one of the rarest precious metals on Earth, and this goes some way towards explaining its consistently high value over the centuries. Read on, to find out from Cash for Your Gold to see what makes gold really shine, if you’re considering selling scrap gold today.

A blast from the past

It’s not an exaggeration to say that gold is something of a blast from the past. Scientists believe gold originates from the explosions of stars which had entered the supernova phase, billions of years ago. Gold could quite possibly predate the existence of Earth itself.

The explosion of stars billions of years ago led to a torrent of space debris being flung in all directions. Some of this debris remains among the cosmos, but some of it ended up being absorbed into the Earth’s surface when it was barely formed.

So the next time you dig out any piece of scrap gold, whether it’s an old ring, a chain or even a gold coin, just think: this shiny piece of gold used to be at the heart of a star, and it’s still here for you to reach out and touch, even after all this time.

How rare is gold?

It is said that all the gold ever mined from the Earth’s crust, once melted down, could be shaped into a cube which would easily fit beneath the Eiffel Tower. Imagine that – every bar of gold, every coin and every single fragment of gold you’ve ever seen, all fitting into an area you could stroll across in a matter of moments.

Gold’s rarity is one of the great reasons why generations have given it such great value. But did you know gold doesn’t have to be just some static lump of metal, gathering dust in a vault? Between 2005 and 2010, it was estimated that as much as 35 per cent of gold in circulation on the markets was sourced from recycled gold.

As well as being at the heart of an exploding star, your scrap gold could have been all sorts of shapes and sizes, before you found it.

Selling with Cash for Your Gold

We’ve been helping people sell their scrap gold for many years now, so we’re something of a specialist in this field. Have some rose or white gold? Why not come to us and see how much you could sell it for?

Check out how much your scrap gold item could be worth, using our trusty Gold Scrap Calculator. The price of gold on the open market has been hitting new all-time highs this year, so it makes sense to time your sale, to ensure you make transfers when the price is right for you.

When you’re ready to sell, make sure to fill in your Seller’s Form.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch – we encourage sellers to give us a call or write to us. You can also book an appointment if you wish to come to our Wolverhampton HQ, to speak to us directly about selling your scrap gold. We look forward to seeing you!

Scrap Gold Sellers Reap Reward of High Prices

It’s been a summer of stellar gains in the gold markets. Prices are through the roof, with gold now valued at over £1,230 per troy ounce as of late August. Put in simplest terms, if you’re looking to sell some scrap gold, now is a great time to make some quick cash.

Gold booms for sellers

Selling gold in the current climate means making as much as £14.29 as of late August when selling just a gram of 9-carat gold with Cash for Your Gold. We base our prices for scrap gold, using the London Gold Fix Price as a guide.

It’s the gold standard for setting gold values, so you can sell your scrap gold to us, safe in the knowledge that you’re getting the price you deserve. We offer purchase prices based on the price of gold at the time of receipt.

Why not use our Live Gold Price Tracker, to time your sale of scrap gold to coincide with a strong rally in prices? Make sure the price is right, and cash in on record gold prices today.

Variety of items accepted

Cash for Your Gold accepts items of scrap gold, silver, palladium and platinum in all shapes and sizes. Maybe a loved one left you a gold bangle, a necklace or a precious gold watch? It’s bound to be worth something.

We value your gold, based on carat (or purity), combined with total weight. Want to get a free estimate for how much you might be carrying around with you? Check out our free Value My Scrap calculator on our Homepage.

Its calculations are highly-accurate and delivered with great speed, without having to part with your gold just yet, while you consider what you wish to do with your scrap gold items.

Selling with us

Think you’re ready to sell scrap gold to Cash for Your Gold? It’s time to fill in your Seller Form. We only require the most basic information to ensure a smooth transaction and guarantee that payment will be issued in a timely way.

Payment can be made digitally, in a matter of hours. If you wish to give feedback about your transaction with us, why not leave us a comment on our Testimonials page?

As you can see, we have helped many facilitate the sale of scrap gold over the years. We look forward to helping ensure that your transaction is every bit as quick and easy.

If you’re based in or around Wolverhampton, why not book an appointment and come meet us at our office? If you’d like to get in touch with us in any other way, check out our Contacts page – here, you can find our telephone number, email and postage addresses. We look forward to helping give you the cash for your gold that you deserve.

Make the Most of Record Gold Prices to Sell Gold this Summer

As the summer of 2019 rolls on, having even a bit of scrap gold could be the key to making some quick cash. That’s because selling scrap gold this summer would be happening at a time when gold prices are close to record highs. There could be no better time to sell your scrap gold than now!

Summer scrap gold selling at record prices

If you have even the smallest bit of scrap gold lying around, now could be the best time to consider selling, as gold prices have been elevated this summer, and remain close to record highs. To check out live gold prices today, check out our Live Precious Metal Prices page.

Continued uncertainty over Brexit and a weak Pound have helped push gold prices back to levels not seen since the summer of 2011, meaning that scrap gold sold today is worth more than almost any other time in history.

Our prices are based on the London Gold Fix, the gold standard of precious metal pricings. This means you know you’ll get the value you should expect when selling scrap gold with specialists such as Cash for Your Gold. You can expect to make as much as £13.19 as of mid-July 2019 for selling a single gram of 9-carat gold, respectable pricing compared to other gold specialists in the markets.

Wide range of scrap gold items accepted

Cash for Your Gold accepts scrap gold from a number of sources. For more information about the kinds of items we will buy, or the answers to any other potential queries you may have, check out our own FAQs page.

Items we often receive include dental fillings, gold coins, gold bullion or even old pieces of jewellery that have gold components. Got a bit of white or rose gold? We’re happy to accept that too!

Prices for scrap items are determined on weight and carat (or purity). The higher the carat, the higher the value of your scrap gold items. Check out the Value My Scrap calculator, to get a valuation in a few short clicks – you can conveniently find it on the left-hand side of any page on our website, to help speed up the process for you.

Ready to sell gold?

If you’re feeling ready to part with your scrap gold items, it may be time to get down to filling our Selling Form. Protected by SSL encryption, it asks you only the most essential information, to ensure that we can help with your sale, in a manner that ensures all of our clients enjoy a quick transaction.

We have helped numerous scrap gold sellers handle transactions over many years, so check out our Testimonials page, to see the high level of service you can expect from us. If you wish, feel free to drop us a mention, once we’ve helped with your scrap gold transaction!

Feel free to contact us – you can do this by phone, post or email. We also invite customers to meet us at our headquarters in Wolverhampton. All we ask is that you book an appointment first, to avoid any delays.

Sell Your Scrap Gold Today for a Record High Price

As political developments in the UK cause increasing uncertainty, gold prices are within touching distance of their all-time highs as of late June this year. This takes gold to levels not seen since the late summer of 2011.

Prices have rarely been as high as this, so it’s a good time to consider selling any unwanted scrap gold you find lying around – it might be worth a small fortune now, and could give you a much-needed cash boost as we enter the summer.

Near-record gold prices

When selling gold, you want to make sure you’re getting the value you deserve for it. That’s why Cash for Your Gold uses the London Gold Fix to determine prices for gold scrap sales. The London Gold Fix is one of the most trusted ways of valuing gold on the open market.

As of late June 2019, gold prices are close to £1,100 per troy ounce. This is tantalisingly close to the all-time high in British gold markets, last seen back in the late summer of 2011. Use our live Gold Tracker page, to make sure you sell your gold at a time when the price is right for you. 

The trick can be in the timing – use the gold tracker to get the most out of your gold, as any scrap gold we receive will be sold at a price relative to gold prices in the official market at the time of receipt.

Gold in all shapes and sizes

After a much-needed spring clean, you may have discovered you had scrap gold in your midst. Cash for Your Gold is happy to take receipt of gold scrap items in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Perhaps a relative passed down a gold coin. Or maybe you discovered a gold chain or piece of old jewellery that’s looking worse for wear, or found some gold tooth fillings? Why not consider selling it as scrap gold?

Cash for Your Gold can help you determine what you’ve got on your hands. Try our Value My Scrap calculator – it’s easy-to-find, available on the sidebar of our website homepage. To give you an accurate valuation right at your fingertips, all you need to enter is the item’s weight and its carat (or purity).

Other options for scrap

It is common for people to find items with some quantity of gold in them, mixed with other metals. For example, you might find you hold an item made of rose or white gold. These items, despite being made of alloys, could be of great value still. If it’s gold, it’s worth checking to see what it’s worth, when selling with us.

We also accept silver, platinum and palladium – don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have items you wish to scrap, that you believe are made of these precious metals. Cash for Your Gold would be happy to take a look at them,

When you’re ready to sell your scrap gold items, make sure to fill in our Seller Form. It only asks the most basic information and helps us determine what we can do to help you as you sell your gold scrap.

Cash for Your Gold is based in Wolverhampton, having worked in the gold selling market for a number of years. Feel free to get in touch today, if you have any enquiries to make about possibly selling scrap gold to us. Click here to contact us.

Please note that if you wish to visit our Wolverhampton office in person, please make sure you have booked an appointment via the contact page, to ensure no delays when you arrive.

The Price is Just Right for You to Cash in on Scrap Gold

The UK’s future relationship with Europe remains in limbo. Coupled with domestic political turbulence, this has provided support for gold prices in recent weeks. This means that gold is worth over £1,000 per troy ounce, as of late May 2019.

That’s very close to its all-time high, first seen back in 2011. Understandably, you might start to think it’s the ideal time to take some of that scrap gold you don’t need and sell it for some easy cash. Got a gold watch or a locket? Don’t forget, some dental crowns used to be made of gold – it can crop up all over the place.

Value your scrap gold

Maybe you found some scrap gold – an old ring – which you have no desire to keep. It might be a little bit worn. Or perhaps you found a broken gold chain necklace? You’ll be eager to know how much it might earn you.

Why not try Cash For Your Gold’s free-to-use Value My Scrap calculator on our website? It appears on the sidebar, no matter what page you find yourself on, allowing you to enter in some details about the item, such as its weight and carat (or purity). The higher the carat, the greater its potential value could be.

Cash for Your Gold offers real value for your scrap gold – compared to a handful of gold specialists in this field, Cash For Your Gold can offer you as much as £11.68 as of late May for just a gram of 9 carat gold.

Fair gold prices

We seek to ensure customers get the amount they deserve for their scrap gold, basing our valuations on the London Gold Fix – check out our Live Gold Price Tracker here for more information about the ever-changing value of the yellow metal.

You will receive payment in line with the market pricing of gold at the time we received your items.

Got a bit of scrap gold, but worry that it won’t be pure enough to sell? Cash For Your Gold happily accepts various forms of coloured gold, such as rose and white gold. If you happen to have items of scrap silver or platinum or palladium, we are happy to help you sell them at a respectable price too.

Easy transfers

When you’re ready to sell your scrap gold or other precious metals, such as silver, platinum or palladium, make sure to complete our Seller Form – it requires the most basic essential details we would need, to ensure that your scrap precious metal is transported safely, and that payment can reach you safely too.

Payment is quick and easy – if you prefer online transfers, payment can be with you within mere hours of us receiving your gold. Postage of cash or cheque payment is assured within at least a day of receiving the gold.

You may have scrap precious metals gathering dust at home, and might be thinking of a quick way to make some easy cash – selling with Cash For Your Gold gives you a top-quality service, from gold specialists who have been helping customers for many years.

If you wish to get in touch with us, don’t hesitate to contact us – you can reach us by post, telephone or email. 

If you’re based in the Wolverhampton area, you’re more than welcome to visit us for a face-to-face meeting, to discuss potential sales. If you wish to do so, all we ask is that you book an appointment – we look forward to helping you with your enquiries.

Sell Your Scrap Gold for Cash This Summer

Who doesn’t like a bit of extra cash going into the summer hols? If you have any scrap gold lying around, gathering dust, it might just be the perfect solution to trade it in for some quick cash this year. Got a golden trophy sitting on the shelf? Don’t let it sit idle – it could be worth a great deal more than you think.

Cash for Your Gold could help make you a tidy profit on unwanted scrap gold – get real value for money on unwanted jewellery, a golden watch or even just some gold dental fillings. Cash for Your Gold always provides respectable prices for scrap gold.

Value for your scrap

Using the London Gold Fix as a guide to valuing scrap gold means you can be sure you’re getting the real deal, when you sell your scrap gold to us. Cash for Your Gold offers as much as £11.49 for just one gram of gold with 9-carat purity.

The higher the carat (or purity), the greater the sum you can expect to make when you sell to us today. If you’re unsure about how much your gold scrap might be worth, try out our Value My Scrap calculator for free and receive rapid estimates for how much your scrap gold may fetch. All you need to provide is an approximate weight and the scrap gold’s carat.

Scrap gold, no matter the shape or size

Size is no obstacle when selling your scrap gold with Cash for Your Gold. Whether it be a family heirloom, a gold coin, a golden locket and chain, golden earrings, a ring, a necklace or dental fillings, we’ll be happy to take a look at it. 

It doesn’t have to be just gold either – Cash for Your Gold also accepts scrap silver and palladium items too. If you have items like silver cutlery lying around, you could make a nice little bit of cash there. Why let it remain unused when it could help free up some much-needed cash for a summer holiday?

When you feel ready to sell, don’t forget to fill in our short description form – we don’t ask more than the necessary information, and we make sure it is completely secure and encrypted for the short time that it’s with us.

Reliable and efficient

Cash for Your Gold is dedicated to ensuring the best customer service at all times. We have helped in the sale of scrap gold and other precious metals with our customers for many years. If you feel like giving some feedback about your experience, leave a comment on our testimonials page – we’d love to know how you rate our services.

Contact us today

If you fancy getting in touch with us, to discuss plans to sell scrap gold, feel free to get in touch. You can reach us by mail, email and by phone – check out our contact page.

Alternatively, if you happen to be based in or around Wolverhampton, you’re welcome to come along to our HQ. Just make sure to book an appointment before you visit.  We look forward to helping with any enquiries.

Spring-Clean for Scrap Gold!

Spring 2019 officially starts on 20th March. If you have gold that you wish to sell for scrap, what better time than now to sell it and make a tidy profit?

Cash for Your Gold bases its prices on the London Gold Fix Price, updated regularly, to reflect the ever-changing price of precious metals – so you’ll always get an honest deal if you bring your scrap gold to us!

Scrap gold in all shapes and sizes

Whether you hold old, damaged or unwanted jewellery, or even come to own unwanted gold dental crowns, Cash for Your Gold will be happy to help you.

Have you come across unwanted gold items after your spring clean? That’s not a problem. Whether you are holding pure gold, gold jewellery including white or rose varieties, at Cash for Your Gold we are keen to buy your unwanted gold.

In fact, many items that turn up in a routine spring clean are worth a considerable amount. Whether you’re holding broken chains, watch cases or old lockets handed down to you from a relative, you’ll be surprised how much these items could be worth in real money.

Dedicated scrap gold buyers with years of experience

Cash for Your Gold can claim over a quarter of a century’s worth of experience in the precious metals industry, and we’ve built a reputation as one of the most trustworthy scrap gold buyers in the UK. Check out our testimonials from past customers who gave us their seal of approval.

Using our handy scrap gold value calculator, you can receive a quick and simple valuation of any scrap gold you own right at your fingertips within a matter of seconds. All you need to know is the carat or purity of your gold, and the weight.

If you’re unsure about things like purity or weight, you also have the option to send your gold to us for professional and secure analysis, so you know exactly how much you’re looking at if you sell up. We can even allow you to watch the weighing process over video call, to give you peace of mind.

When performing our evaluations, we ensure that non-destructive methods are used to determine the purity of any gold you send to us. But if you still have your reservations, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll explain the whole process to you.

Respectable prices for your scrap gold

Cash for Your Gold offers you good gold scrap prices, in line with the changing value of the London Gold Fix Price on the open market. Our prices depend on weight and purity. Remember, the greater the carat or purity, the higher the estimated value.

Right now could prove to be an interesting time to sell your gold. The metal remains at elevated levels in comparison to the period before the financial crisis. Basically, this means you can expect your scrap gold to be worth significantly more than it would have 20 years ago.

Easy transfers, suited to your needs

We understand the risks involved in transferring any quantity of precious metals that could have a significant value. That is why we request that you contact us by phone or email, if you believe you have scrap gold with a likely value of £2,000 or more. This allows us to arrange the safest way of ensuring your scrap gold gets to us with no drama. If you’re in the area, you’re welcome to visit us at our HQ in Wolverhampton. All you need to do is book an appointment to avoid any delays. And if you wish to get in touch for any other reason, just drop us a call or send us an email and one of our friendly staff will happily help.